Indians in Madagascar

Karana / Indo Pakistani in Madagascar form a community of roughly 25,000 individual, the majority of them being locally born descendants of early immigrants 5 generations ago.[1][2] They form a minority ethnic group in Madagascar.

Indo Pakistani in Madagascar
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Gujarati, English, French, Malagasy,
Islam, Sunnism, Shi'ism, Bohra


By the 1780s, a community of roughly 200 Indian traders had formed at Mahajanga, a port on the north-west coast of Madagascar, near Bombetoka Bay at the mouth of the Betsiboka River. Confusion arose over their legal status; they often declared themselves to be Malagasy subjects in order to evade the laws against slave-holding or the building of stone houses, both forbidden to British subjects, while their dhows, which they used to transport goods to and from the African mainland, flew French flags.[3] Initial arrivals were mainly Muslim Khojas, Ismailis and Daoudi Bohras, with some Hindus settling later.[4] The 1911 census found 4,480 Indians in the country, making them 21% of the total foreign population and the second-largest foreign population after the French.[5] Following the nationalisation of private businesses in the 1970s, many were compelled to leave; those who remained were largely uneducated, but stayed on and gradually built their businesses. By 2000, they were generally believed to control 50-60% of the country's economy, making them the target of demonstrators during periods of unrest.[6]

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