Indianisation may refer to the spread of Indian languages, culture, diaspora, cuisines, economic reach and impact since India is one of the greatest influencers since ancient times and the current century has been called the Indian Century.

Indian cultureEdit

Historical spread of Indian culture beyond India proper:

Indian soft powerEdit

Historic Indosphere cultural influence zone of Greater India for transmission of elements of Indian arts, architecture, culture, religion, martial arts, etc.

Global spread of Indian soft power:

Indian economic impact on the worldEdit

Impact of Economy of India on world economy as well as globalisation:

Indian diasporaEdit

Global Indian diaspora is world's largest diaspora, which includes NRIs, OCI. PIO, and mixed races:

See alsoEdit

  • Acculturation – Process of cultural and psychological change
  • Americanization – Global influence of United States culture
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  • Christianization – Process by which Christianity spreads in a society or culture
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