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Indian honorifics are honorific titles or appendices to names used in India, covering formal and informal social, commercial, and religious relationships. These may take the form of prefixes, suffixes or replacements.

Native honorificsEdit

Honorifics with native/indigenous Hindu-Buddhist origin.

Hindu-Buddhist honorificsEdit

List of titlesEdit

Community-specific honorificsEdit

Secular profession-specific honorificsEdit

Influence on other culturesEdit

Indianised kingdoms in several parts of world beyond India proper as part of the Indosphere of Sanskritized Greater India, including through historical spread of Indian culture, Bollywood, spread of Hinduism in Southeast Asia and spread of Buddhism on Silk Road. Conseuently, Indian honorifics influenced the following honorifics of other cultures and nations:

Sikh honorificsEdit

Muslim or foreign origin honorificsEdit


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