Inclined tower

An inclined tower is a tower that was intentionally built at an incline. Towers are built with an incline in order to support the weight of another structure, such as the Montreal Tower. Some towers are built with an incline due to the steep terrain upon which they stand, or simply for aesthetics.


Despite the outward appearance of an inclined tower as "leaning-over", they are as structurally sound as any non-inclined tower. The mass of the tower's upper section is always equal or less than the mass of the tower's lower section, ensuring the building remains balanced around its centre of mass.[citation needed]

Inclined tower vs. inclined buildingEdit

Inclined towers are specifically distinguished from "inclined buildings" in that they are not built to be habitable, but to serve other functions. The principal function is the use of their height to enable various functions to be achieved, including: visibility of other features attached to the tower such as clock towers; as part of a larger structure or device to increase the visibility of the surroundings for defensive purposes as in a fortified building such as a castle; as a structure for observation for leisure purposes; or as a structure for telecommunication purposes. Towers can be stand alone structures or be supported by adjacent buildings or can be a feature on top of a large structure or building.

Tallest inclined towersEdit

As of September 2019, this list includes all intentionally inclined towers which reach a height of 60 metres (197 ft) or more, as assessed by their pinnacle. Inclined buildings and inclined structures that are not designed for public or regular operational access are excluded from this list.

Rank Name Image Location Country Height
m (ft)
Floors Year Notes Ref
1 Tour de Montreal Montreal, Quebec   Canada 165 m (541 ft) 20 1987 Tallest inclined tower in the world since 1987. Features an inclination of 45°. [1]
2 Signature Bridge   Delhi   India 154 m (505 ft) 1 2018 An inclined cantilever spar cable-stayed bridge tower featuring an observation deck. [2]
3 Most SNP   Bratislava   Slovakia 95 m (312 ft) 1 1972 An inclined cable-stayed bridge tower featuring an observation deck and restaurant. [3]

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