Inanam is a suburb and sub-district of Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. It is situated 10 kilometres from the city centre.

Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese下南南
Inanam town view
Inanam town view
Inanam is located in Borneo
Coordinates: 5°59′N 116°08′E / 5.983°N 116.133°E / 5.983; 116.133Coordinates: 5°59′N 116°08′E / 5.983°N 116.133°E / 5.983; 116.133
Country Malaysia
State Sabah


OKK Majimbun Majangkin is known as one of the key player in Inanam development.[1] During the World War II, Inanam is also the base where the Kinabalu Guerillas led by Albert Kwok actively operating to fight the Japanese.[2]


The town population consists of mainly the Dusun, and the Chinese who operate the shops. Of late however there is a large influx of immigrants both from the southern Philippines and Indonesia. Many of them are illegals and live in squatters.[3][4] A considerable number of them however were controversially naturalised and relocated into low-cost housing settlements provided by the Malaysian government.[5]


Kota Kinabalu City (North) Bus Terminal is located in Inanam which become part of the BRT Kota Kinabalu.[6]


A substantial part of the sub-district near the town centre consists of a light industrial area. Towards the interior, traditional Dusun villages scatter the hill slopes, with fruit orchards and rubber smallholdings.


Primary schoolEdit

  1. SK Tobobon
  2. SK Ruminding
  3. SK Poring-Poring
  4. SK Pomotodon
  5. SK Malawa
  6. SK Kionsom Inanam
  7. SK Inanam Laut
  8. SK Gudon Menggatal
  9. SK Bantayan
  10. SK Babagon Toki
  11. SJK (C) Yick Nam

Secondary schoolEdit

  1. SMK Tebobon
  2. SMK Inanam
  3. SMK (A) Inanam


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