In a Word: Yes (1969–)

In a Word: Yes (1969–) is the second box set by the English progressive rock band Yes, released in July 2002 by Rhino Records. The five-CD set includes tracks from the band's entire career between the years 1969 to 2001, including material by Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe and previously unreleased tracks.

In a Word: Yes (1969–)
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Box set by
Released30 July 2002
2008 (Remastered edition)
GenreProgressive rock, pop rock
ProducerYes, Paul Clay, Tony Colton, Eddie Offord, Trevor Horn, Trevor Rabin, Paul De Villiers, Jonathan Elias, Billy Sherwood, Bruce Fairbairn and Tim Weidner
Yes chronology
Symphonic Live
In a Word: Yes (1969–)
The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary Collection
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4.5/5 stars[1]
Rolling Stone2/5 stars


The set includes a 100-page booklet contains a comprehensive history of the band by journalist Chris Welch and an essay by philosopher Bill Martin. It also includes a foreword from filmmaker Cameron Crowe and testimonials from King's X frontman/bassist Doug Pinnick, Primus frontman/bassist Les Claypool, Tool drummer Danny Carey, and Phish drummer Jon Fishman.

In October 2003, figures from Nielsen SoundScan showed that 14,000 copies of the box set had been sold in the United States.[2]

Track listingEdit

Disc one
1."Every Little Thing"John Lennon, Paul McCartney5:42
2."Sweetness"Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Clive Bayley4:33
5."Sweet Dreams"Anderson, David Foster3:50
6."Astral Traveller"Anderson5:53
7."Time and a Word"Anderson, Foster4:32
8."Dear Father"Anderson, Squire4:21
9."Yours Is No Disgrace"Anderson, Squire, Steve Howe, Tony Kaye, Bill Bruford9:41
11."Perpetual Change"Anderson, Squire8:52
12."Starship Trooper
  • a. "Life Seeker"
  • b. "Disillusion"
  • c. "Würm"
Anderson, Squire, Howe9:28
13."I've Seen All Good People
  • a. "Your Move"
  • b. "All Good People"
  • Anderson, Squire6:55
    Disc two
    1."Roundabout"Anderson, Howe8:33
    2."South Side of the Sky"Anderson, Squire7:58
    3."Heart of the Sunrise"Anderson, Squire, Bruford10:35
    4."America"Paul Simon10:30
    5."Close to the Edge"
    • I. "The Solid Time of Change"
    • II. "Total Mass Retain"
    • III. "I Get Up I Get Down"
    • IV. "Seasons of Man""
    Anderson, Howe18:36
    6."The Revealing Science of God (Dance of the Dawn)"Anderson, Squire, Howe, Rick Wakeman, Alan White22:22
    Disc three
    1."Siberian Khatru"Anderson, themes by Anderson, Howe, Wakeman8:55
    2."Long Distance Runaround"Anderson3:31
    3."The Gates of Delirium"Anderson, Squire, Howe, White, Patrick Moraz21:50
    4."To Be Over"Anderson, Squire, Howe, White, Moraz9:06
    5."Going for the One"Anderson5:32
    6."Turn of the Century"Anderson, Howe, White7:41
    7."Wonderous Stories"Anderson3:49
    8."Don't Kill the Whale"Anderson, Squire3:56
    9."Release, Release"Anderson, White, Squire5:44
    10."Arriving UFO"Anderson, Howe, Wakeman6:07
    11."Richard" (previously unissued)Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman, White3:33
    Disc four
    1."Tango" (previously unissued)Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman, White3:48
    2."Never Done Before" (previously unissued)Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman, White2:10
    3."Crossfire" (previously unissued)Howe, Squire2:42
    4."Machine Messiah"Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn, Howe, Squire, White10:27
    5."Tempus Fugit"Downes, Horn, Howe, Squire, White5:15
    6."Owner of a Lonely Heart"Trevor Rabin, Anderson, Squire, Horn4:29
    7."It Can Happen"Squire, Anderson, Rabin5:29
    8."Leave It"Squire, Rabin, Horn4:14
    9."Hold On"Rabin, Anderson, Squire5:16
    10."Rhythm of Love"Anderson, Kaye, Rabin, Squire4:47
    11."Love Will Find a Way"Rabin4:50
    12."Holy Lamb (Song for Harmonic Convergence)"Anderson3:19
    13."Brother of Mine"
    • a. "The Big Dream"
    • b. "Nothing Can Come Between Us"
    • c. "Long Lost Brother of Mine""
    Anderson, Wakeman, Howe, Bruford, Downes10:18
    14."Fist of Fire" (Alternate Version)Anderson, Wakeman, Howe, Bruford3:27
    15."I Would Have Waited Forever"Anderson, Jonathan Elias, Howe7:02
    Disc five
    1."Lift Me Up"Rabin, Squire6:30
    2."The Calling"Anderson, Squire, Rabin6:55
    3."I Am Waiting"Anderson, Rabin7:24
    4."Mind Drive"Anderson, Squire, White, Howe, Wakeman18:37
    5."Open Your Eyes"Anderson, Squire, White, Howe, Billy Sherwood5:14
    6."Universal Garden"Anderson, Squire, White, Howe, Sherwood6:17
    7."Homeworld (The Ladder)"Anderson, Squire, White, Howe, Sherwood, Igor Khoroshev9:32
    8."The Messenger"Anderson, Squire, White, Howe, Sherwood, Khoroshev5:13
    9."Last Train" (previously unissued)Anderson, Squire, Howe, White2:23
    10."In the Presence Of"
    • I. "Deeper"
    • II. "Death of Ego"
    • III. "True Beginner"
    • IV. "Turn Around and Remember""
    Anderson, Squire, Howe, White10:24



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