Impact Grand Championship

The Impact Grand Championship was a professional wrestling championship owned by Impact Wrestling.[1]

Impact Grand Championship
Impact Grand Championship.jpg
PromotionImpact Wrestling
Date establishedOctober 2, 2016
Date retiredJune 4, 2018
(unified with the Impact World Championship)


The title was introduced at the August 13, 2016, tapings of TNA's television program Impact Wrestling, after then-TNA President Billy Corgan announced that the TNA King of the Mountain Championship would be deactivated and retired in favor for the new championship. Corgan also announced an eight-man single elimination tournament that would feature new rules that would apply to the title. The new rules would be similar to how bouts were contested in professional wrestling in Europe in which each match would consist of three timed rounds, with a team of judges to determine the outcome based on points, if there is no winner via pin or submission within the time limit. The final match of the tournament took place at Bound for Glory on October 2, with Aron Rex becoming the inaugural champion by defeating Eddie Edwards (replacement for the legitimately injured Drew Galloway).[2][3]

On the January 25, 2018 Genesis episode of Impact!, Matt Sydal defeated champion Ethan Carter III in a "No Rounds, No Judges" match. Subsequent title defenses would also be contested under standard rules, no longer using rounds, points systems or judges.[4]

On June 4, 2018 during the Slammiversary XVI press conference, Austin Aries announced that the Grand and Impact World Championship would be merged/unified.[5]

Original rulesEdit

  • Three 3 minute rounds, with special event matches going 5 minutes per round.
  • 10 point must system.
  • Judging categories: Physicality, aggressiveness, controlling the action.
  • Wins can happen anytime via pin or submission.
  • If there is no winner after three rounds, a winner is decided by judge's decision.

Inaugural championship tournament (2016)Edit

Quarter-finals Semi-finals Final
Braxton Sutter 06:43
Drew Galloway Sub
Drew Galloway Split
Eddie Edwards 09:00
Eddie Edwards Sub
Mahabali Shera 06:53
Eddie Edwards † 15:00
Aron Rex Split
Aron Rex Pin
Trevor Lee 04:55
Aron Rex Pin
Eli Drake 08:41
Jessie Godderz 08:14
Eli Drake Pin
† Edwards replaced Drew Galloway, who was legitimately injured before the finals.

Title historyEdit


As of August 10, 2020, there have been eight reigns between seven different wrestlers. Aron Rex became the inaugural champion by defeating Eddie Edwards in the tournament final at 2016's Bound for Glory on October 2. Moose holds the most reigns with two, with his second reign being the longest at 174 days, while Josh Mathews' reign is the shortest at one day.

No. Overall reign number
Reign Reign number for the specific champion
Days Number of days held
No. Champion Championship change Reign statistics Notes Ref.
Date Event Location Reign Days
1 Aron Rex October 2, 2016 Bound for Glory Orlando, Florida 1 7 Defeated Eddie Edwards in a tournament final by split decision to become the inaugural champion. Edwards was a substitute for Drew Galloway, who was legitimately injured. [6]
2 Moose October 9, 2016 Impact Wrestling Orlando, Florida 1 90 Aired on tape delay December 1, 2016. [7]
3 Drew Galloway January 7, 2017 Impact Wrestling Orlando, Florida 1 5 Aired on tape delay January 19, 2017. [8]
4 Moose January 12, 2017 Impact Wrestling Orlando, Florida 2 174 Won by split decision.
Aired on tape delay March 2, 2017.
5 Ethan Carter III July 5, 2017 Impact! Orlando, Florida 1 128 Won by split decision.
Aired on tape delay August 3, 2017.
6 Matt Sydal November 10, 2017 Impact! Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1 64 Aired on tape delay January 25, 2018.
7 Josh Mathews January 13, 2018 Impact! Orlando, Florida 1 1 Mathews was gifted the title by Sydal after he was revealed as Sydal's "spirit guide".
Aired on tape delay March 15, 2018.
8 Austin Aries January 14, 2018 Impact! Orlando, Florida 1 141 Defeated Matt Sydal (defending on Mathews' behalf) in a Winner Take All match, with Aries' Impact World Heavyweight Championship also at stake.
Aired on tape delay March 29, 2018.
Unified June 4, 2018 Slammiversary XVI Press Conference Toronto, Ontario, Canada Aries unified the title with the Impact World Championship [12]

Combined reignsEdit

Inaugural champion Aron Rex
Final champion Austin Aries
Record two-time, longest reigning and combined reigning champion Moose
Rank Wrestler No. of
Combined days
1 Moose 2 264
2 Austin Aries 1 141
3 Ethan Carter III 1 128
4 Matt Sydal 1 64
5 Aron Rex 1 7
6 Drew Galloway 1 5
7 Josh Mathews 1 1


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