Immini Nalloraal

Immini Nalloraal is a 2005 Malayalam film directed by Rajasenan. This film stars Jayasurya, Navya Nair, Janardhanan and Bindu Panicker.

Immini Nalloraal
Immini Nalloraal.jpg
Directed byRajasenan
Produced byJoseph Onisserril
Written byRajasenan

Navya Nair, Bindu Panicker
Music byM. Jayachandran
CinematographyK. P. Nambiathiri
Edited byRaja Muhammed
Release date
4 February 2005


Sneha (Navya Nair) is a popular actress. Jeevan is a junior artist (Jayasurya) who is attracted to her. Sneha goes to Jeevan's village for the shoot. Jeevan and Sneha marry at the shooting. Jeevan thinks he tells his father he married with Sneha in a dream. One day while shooting, Jeevan kidnaps Sneha and takes her to an unknown location. Sneha's family and her colleagues try to negotiate with Jeevan for Sneha's return, but Jeevan does not want to return Sneha. Jeevan gets very annoyed.

Sneha Meets Jeevan in hospital. After a few days of keeping her as a hostage, Jeevan decides to give her back and surrender. He confesses that he took Sneha as a hostage because he saw her suicide note in her diary. Sneha understands the true love he has for her and saves him from the charges that were awaiting him. Finally they marry and transform from a reel- to a real-life couple.


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