Imlie (transl. Tamarind) is an Indian television drama series that premiered on 16 November 2020 on StarPlus and streams on Disney+ Hotstar.[1] Produced by Gul Khan under 4 Lions Films, it stars Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Fahmaan Khan, Mayuri Deshmukh and Gashmeer Mahajani. It is a loose adaptation of Bengali series Ishti Kutum.

Created byGul Khan
Developed byLeena Gangopadhyay
Written by
  • Aparajita Sharma (Dialogues)
  • Divy Nidhi Sharma (Dialogues & Original Lyrics)
Screenplay by
  • Vera Raina
  • Sonakshi Khandelwal
Story by
  • Ved Raj
  • Aakriti Atreja
Directed by
  • Atif Khan
  • Rahul Tiwari
  • Ajay Kumar
  • Pawan Kumar Jha
Creative directorMuskan Bajaj
Theme music composerTapas Relia
Opening themeImlie
ComposerNishant Raja
Country of originIndia
Original languageHindi
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes481
Production locationsFilm City, Mumbai,
Ramoji Film City
CinematographyNidhin Valanday
  • Shashank H. Singh
  • Rakesh Lal Das
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time21–23 minutes
Production company4 Lions Films
DistributorStar India
Original networkStarPlus
Picture format
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original release16 November 2020 (2020-11-16) –
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Imlie, an 18-year-old girl is from a village named Pagdandia located in the Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh. Her mother, Meethi was cheated on by Dev Chaturvedi, a city man. He hid the fact that he was married and has a daughter too, leaving Meethi impregnated. For this reason, the villagers came up with a rule that if a man spends the night with their girl, they have to get married. Satyakam is a farmer turned rebel, who is fighting for Pagdandia's rights is Imlie's foster father-like figure. Imlie obtains a scholarship after she earns her degree. She wanted to be a police officer to provide support to her foster father and provide a good life for her unmarried mother.

Aditya “Adi” Kumar Tripathi is a Delhi-based journalist working in Bhaskar Times. His best friend is Malini Chaturvedi (Dev's daughter), who he met after his cousin, Nishant left abroad. He found a good companionship in her and thought it was love; while for Malini, it was always an obsession kind of love and wanted Adi as a puppet. Before their engagement, Adi leaves for Pagdandia to take Satyakam's interview where he proves to the world that he is a revolutionist, not a rebel. Imlie helps Adi in guiding the village, where they both had to stay in a hut due to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The next day Imlie's Nani and the villagers threaten to kill Adi thinking they both had spent the night together. Adi didn't want to get married, instead, he was ready to die. While the villagers tried to kill Adi, Imlie stops them and agrees to marry Adi to save his life. She tries to contact Malini with Adi's phone, but the effort is gone in vain when the villagers find it out. Imlie and Adi get forcefully married.

Coming to New Delhi, Imlie herself introduces herself as a maid to the Tripathi family to save Adi. Adi treated her very badly and was very rude to her thinking of forced marriage. She stays in a corner in his house. While Imlie wins everyone's hearts, Adi is afraid that if everyone likes her, it will be heartbreaking for them when she leaves one day. However, the reason Imlie sticks with this marriage is because of her upbringing, beliefs in marriage, her faith in God, and concern that if she left, the villagers will kill Adi.

Before Adi and Malini's marriage, Adi reveals the marriage truth to Malini, making her faint. The doctor advises him not to do so. Imlie sees her husband marrying Malini, her half-sister with a broken heart. Adi has to go to Pagdandia for the government's peace meeting with Satyakam, and the Tripathi family sends Imlie too with him. He decides to leave her there permanently. He understands Imlie's dilemma and point of view and feels very bad. She saves his life from a bomb blast that night. Later, Imlie is gunshot while saving Adi from Chandu and he brings her to a hospital in Delhi. Adi realises how badly he treated her and becomes soft with her. Imlie also saves Malini from a bridge accident. Imlie maintains their relationship alone by her faith. Soon Adi realises Imlie is his true love and Malini was just a friend whom he thought was his life partner. He also comes to know that they are half-sisters during his Pagdandia visit. Although he proposes to Imlie she thinks about Malini and asks him not to break the vows he took during his marriage with Malini, then only she would come back. However, Malini thinks Adi is cheating on her and attempts suicide, and Imlie donates her blood to save her life. She then tells Adi that she is in love with her college friend Kunal. Meanwhile, after Malini's mother tortures Imlie physically by hitting a tubelight on her head, she decides to leave for Pagdandia thinking Adi cheated on her. Adi reveals the truth to Malini that Imlie is his first wife. Malini comes to Pagdandia with a name Kalpana and comes to know that Imlie is her half-sister.

Adi and Imlie reunite and Aditya convinces Satyakam and Meethi to get married. Kunal Chauhan, a criminal lawyer fights for Satyakam's case and is also in charge of Adi and Malini's divorce case. Kunal is in love with Malini and she also had little feelings for him. Imlie comes to know about her paternity and is shocked. But refuses to accept Dev as her father and tells Satyakam will always be her father. The Tripathi family comes to know about Adi and Imlie's relationship and opposes and treats Imlie very badly by splashing water on her, looking down on her because of her illegitimate status and taunting her always. Adi always stood up for her, but Imlie refuses to stay in his room until the family's acceptance. He is like a mentor figure to her, who taught her English, helped in her studies, gave her courage, life lessons, not to feel inferior in front of others and supported her. She finally expresses her feelings to him that she loves and idealises him. She wants to be a Journalist after seeing Adi's works. To bring the truth to the whole society, she decides to become a journalist. But Malini couldn't see them happy after a point of time, thus deciding to get back Aditya.

Malini stops the divorce proceedings. She and Anu put on a fake suicide drama and Aditya takes her back to Tripathi house with Imlie's permission. Imlie takes care of Malini. But Malini tries to break Aditya and Imlie's relationship. Although it didn't work, Imlie comes to know about Malini's intentions and warns Aditya, but he didn't believe in her, saying she misunderstood Malini. He also came to know about Kunal's truth and this makes him believe in her much more. Adi and Imlie's post-marriage rituals were happening when Malini informs Satyakam that Aditya is cheating on Imlie with her. When he comes to confirm he sees them close(Malini pretending to pose like that) and shoots Aditya. Imlie saves Aditya and gets bitten by a snake. After they recover, Adi demands Satyakam be jailed. But after hearing the truth from Satyakam, Imlie says Malini also needs to be jailed as she is the person who instigated it. Adi didn't believe that, so he refuses to do so. Imlie escapes Satyakam saying Malini should also be punished, then she will bring him back.

From there, cracks in their relationship appear with trust issues. Malini gets intimate with Aditya against his will by intoxicating him and the whole family. Imlie is devastated and broken seeing them in the morning. Malini pretends to be a victim in front of others and shows her real face in front of Imlie. The family asks Imlie to go away for their family respect in society. But Adi requests her not. Imlie sees her saree burnt to realise that Malini has used her saree to spend the night with Aditya. She comes back and complaints a case against Malini for getting intimate against her will and Kunal comes to support Imlie. The family object, but imlie fights for Aditya. She finds video evidence and shows him. He is shattered as he couldn't believe his best friend could do this to him. During submitting the evidence to the court, the video file was found deleted and the case gets dismissed. Adi tells he deleted the video as Malini is pregnant. Imlie is completely heartbroken hearing this. He further tells the lie story told by Anu that she intoxicated and dressed up Malini as Imlie and sent her to Adi's room claiming this to be her honeymoon. Because of his 7 years of trust in Malini, he believes this story.

Imlie decides to let Malini stay in the house because she thinks the baby should not live a life like her without her father's name. Malini wants Imlie to go out from Adi's life, so she does many criminal activities like human trafficking selling off Imlie to another country, self-harm and framing Imlie for that, attempting her murder and many more. The Tripathi family slowly accepts Imlie as their daughter-in-law. But Adi and Imlie's relationship is at stake due to trust issues and misunderstandings because of Malini. Finally, Adi and Malini are divorced. But she does various things to separate Imlie and Adi. And Adi trusts Malini. When Imlie asks Adi to send Malini home, he refuses it as she is pregnant and dismisses the request as Imlie is being insecure. After going through a lot of torture, as a final stroke, Malini shots herself and frames Imlie, but Satyakam takes the blame and goes to jail. Malini demands to send Imlie out of the house. When Adi asks Imlie what happened, she loses all her patience and ends their relationship by burning their nuptial chain and removing the sindoor which she considered as Goddess Sita's blessings and leaves Tripathi house choosing self-respect above her husband.

Aryan Singh Rathore is a businessman, who comes as the CEO of Bhaskar Times. He misunderstands that Adi is responsible for his brother-in-law's death, thus wanting revenge from him. Imlie stays at a girls hostel. Although Adi gives the internship offer letter to Imlie, she tears it and eventually gets the same from Aryan. Malini makes Imlie leave the hostel and she stays at the office at night. While she was teased by some boys, Aryan rescues her and makes Imlie his Paying Guest. Although Aryan was rude to Imlie in the start, he likes her bubbly nature and gets inspired by her. Adi misunderstands Imlie and Aryan's relationship as Malini constantly brainwashes and manipulates him. Soon, during their wedding anniversary, Adi sees Imlie and Aryan in a hotel room, and misunderstand them. It was Malini's ploy. She sends divorce papers to Adi replacing them with a letter from Imlie. Adi is heartbroken thinking Imlie wants to leave him for Aryan. He ends the relationship. Imlie is left devastated, where Aryan supports her. Adi misunderstands Aryan's words and announces his marriage to Malini making Imlie sign the divorce papers.

After the divorce, Aryan laid moral support to Imlie. With Malini's constant manipulations, Adi marries Malini and Imlie decides to move on even if it takes days, months or years. She and Aryan shares a supreme relationship of friendship and becomes comfortable with each other. With Aryan’s help Imlie finally manages to expose Malini’s misdeeds. Aditya becomes shattered upon seeing this and apologizes to Imlie, but she ignores him. Aditya throws Malini out of the house and sends Anu to jail, releasing Satyakam.

Aditya unintentionally reports a stormy weather as clear leading Aryan and Arpita getting injured in the storm. He then learns about Arvind and Aryan's revenge and tries to warn Imlie that Aryan is using her against him, but she refuses to believe. However when Aryan confronts Aditya in front of everyone, Imlie learns the truth. When she confronts Aryan about the same, he refuses to answer her questions. Heartbroken, she leaves his house. Aryan who wishes her well being arranges place for her to stay without her knowing. Then he frames Aditya for false weather reporting and bans his journalism license. Seeing the Tripathis condition, Imlie begs Aryan to save her family. He then puts forth the condition of marrying her but she in turn puts a condition that the marriage would be fake and should be on paper only as she refused to betray her religious beliefs. When Aditya learns about the same, he demands the wedding in front of his eyes, as a punishment of hurting Imlie. Aryan agrees to it while Imlie lashes out at him for the same.He challenges her to stop the wedding, Aryan's Badi Maa Neela and his childhood friend Preeta (Baby Doll) enters with an intention to takeover Rathore's wealth by stopping the wedding and by doing a brideswap. Imlie comes to know their real intentions and tries to alert Aryan which creates a lot of drama during the marriage ceremony. During the phera Aryan takes 6 pheras and leaves the 7th to Imlie's choice, as she tries to go away she is stopped by Meeti who tells her to get married to Aryan by saying Imlie is "indebted" to her. Imlie finally comesback and takes the 7th phera and cuts the ties with Meeti misunderstanding her intentions. Imlie and Aryan finally get married.

After the marriage Neela actively tries to break the relationship between Aryan and Imlie with the help of Preeta in several occasions. However, Aryan shows his trust and support towards Imlie which slowly shifts her opinion in him and questions his real intentions in marrying her. She then becomes interested in Arvind’s case and started to interrogate the past incident as a reporter with the intention of freeing Aryan from his scarred past and give a closure to Arpita and Narmada.

In search of the real culprits of Arvind’s death, she finds evidence to prove that Adithya was a pawn of a foul play done by Seth Purandas - a business rival of Arvind and killed him for messing with his business. She records Seth’s conversation with the help of Madhav who’s a fellow villager she met during her search. She tries to hand over the evidence to Aryan who’s at a beauty pageant sponsored by Bhaskar Times but Seth’s goons who had followed her set a bomb in a trophy to stop her. Aryan and Imlie handle the bomb situation successfully but then Imlie gets kidnapped. Aryan follows the goons and learns the truth behind his brother in law’s death which, left him devastated and losing control over the situation that he and Imlie are in as the goons tried to kill her in the same manner as Arvind. However, Aryan overcomes his fears by Imlie’s calling and manages to free them. Aditya also reaches the place with Police and help them. Aryan apologise to Aditya and his family for his impulsive actions which leads Aditya to also apologise to Aryan for not investigating Arvind’s case properly before reporting. Out of guilt, Aryan lets Imlie go from his and his family’s lives. However, she decided to return to Aryan and Aditya leaves the country.

The next storm in Imlie and Aryan’s lives comes as the marriage of Arpita. Neela brings a proposal for Arpita when she heard Imlie discussing Sundar’s feelings with her. Though Imlie manages to open Aryan’s eye to the necessity of having a companion for his sister, he is strongly against the idea of it being with Sundar as he thinks about her wellbeing. Hence he agrees to meet the family Neela proposed.

Imlie started disliking Uday from the moment she saw him rudely speaking to a lady on the road. Later, she gets to know he's the guy who has been set up by Neela to marry Arpita. She tries to speak to Aryan about it however, he was not ready to judge Uday due to his experience with Adi. Hence she tries to bring up the incompatibility between Arpita and Uday through a cooking competition where Aryan ends up cooking for Imlie. This incident left Aryan wondering what happened between Imlie and Amma and also fixing the engagement of Arpita and Uday. On the date of the engagement, Imlie leaves the Rathore mansion after disagreeing with Aryan’s decision and excluding her from his family matters. She then gets to know that Sundar is leaving the city. While she was trying to stop Sundar, she again meets the lady who was with Uday when they first met and gets to know she's his mother. It's later revealed that he has been mistreating his parents after illegally acquiring their properties and Imlie brings this up in front of everyone present at the engagement party. Aryan immediately stops the engagement and apologizes to Imlie. Heartbroken, Arpita tries to take some pills and Sundar ends up saving her. As Aryan and Narmada realize Arpita also has developed feelings for Sundar, they agree to their union.

Imlie realises her mistake of breaking ties with Meeti during her wedding and becomes emotional. Aryan consoles her. During their discussion, the window of their room cracks which leads them to run outside to find nothing but Aryan manages to get a glimpse of her thoughts about their marriage from Imlie. On the day that the wedding dates are fixed, Sundar’s Mother, Nanda Prasad comes and insults Arpita while Imlie smartly controls the situation. Nanda was called by Neela to spoil the nuptials of Sundar and Arpita. This disagreement with his mother leads Arpita to tell Sundar that if Nanda won't agree to their union, she won't proceed with the marriage.

After assessing Arpita’s wealth, Nanda agrees to the marriage and requests a dowry ignoring Imlie’s warning. During the marriage preparations, Aryan receives a flower bouquet which he misunderstands as Imlie’s doing. He questions the same from her which she makes fun of. Despite all these incidents their relationship grows and Aryan also manages to verbalize his feelings with Arpita on Imlie’s encouragement. During Arpita’s and Sundar’s wedding Imlie discloses the dowry situation and addresses it.

On their way to drop Meeti at the bus stand after the wedding, Imlie meets Jyoti who happened to be a college friend of Aryan. Jyoti harbors feelings toward Aryan and shows an obsessive behavior inside but a sweet demeanor outside to the people. After getting know her friendship with Aryan, Imlie invites her to Rathore's mansion. Jyoti also tries to come between Aryan and Imlie. She tries to kill her former husband’s sister figure Nargiz whom she used to take divorce from him because Nargiz was planning to alert Aryan about Jyoti’s intentions and Imlie witnessed the accident. Devastated, Imlie comes home and seeks comfort from Aryan. He assures her that he'll take care of Nargiz. Next, they both face a fire accident in their bedroom - a fire sets by Neela to harm Imlie. Aryan reaches their room and takes the necessary actions to save Imlie. After being contacted by Madhav, Imlie tries to leave the house to collect some important evidence they needed for an article, they both have been working on. Worried for Imlie as she is planning to leave without getting any rest, Aryan follows her and gets shot by a goon. At the hospital where everyone was trying to find blood for Aryan, Neela, Preeta, and Jyoti gang up to remove Imlie from Aryan’s life.

When Aryan gains consciousness he immediately seeks Imlie and learns that she left the hospital due to Narmada’s ill behaviour. Ignoring the protests of Narmada, he goes after Imlie and finds her having a breakdown as she believes that she’s not a suitable partner for him. He however manages to console her and they return home. Narmada demands Imlie to quit her job and Aryan speaks against it. Arpita encourages Aryan to share his true feelings with Imlie as it’ll give her the courage to deal with Narmada’s change of behaviour better. With the help of Jyo, Aryan takes Imlie on a date - to a place where he built a treehouse for her. Before confessing their feelings, Imlie falls from the treehouse as Jyo secretly cuts a pillar to stop them from sharing their feelings. Aryan tries to regain Imlie’s consciousness and gets scared as she doesn’t respond to his emergency treatments which leads him to share his feelings and Imlie regains her consciousness. As it starts raining they manage to find a scheduled place where Imlie reciprocates his feelings and they spend the night there. The next morning they return to their place to be questioned by Narmada.



  • Sumbul Touqeer Khan as Imlie Aryan Singh Rathore : Freelance featured writer of Bhaskar Times; Meethi and Dev's daughter; Malini's half-sister; Aditya's ex-wife; Aryan's wife (2020–present)
  • Fahmaan Khan as Aryan Singh Rathore: CEO of Rathore Group of Companies and Bhaskar Times; Narmada's son: Arpita's brother; Imlie's husband (2021–present)
  • Gashmeer Mahajani / Manasvi Vashist as Aditya Tripathi: Senior Reporter of Bhaskar Times; Pankaj and Aparna's son; Imlie's ex-husband; Malini's husband (2020–2022) / (2022)
  • Mayuri Deshmukh as Malini Chaturvedi Tripathi: A former professor of City College; Dev and Anuja's daughter; Imlie's half-sister; Aditya's wife (2020–2022)


  • Kiran Khoje as Meethi: Dulari's daughter; Dev's secret girlfriend; Satyakam's wife; Imlie's mother (2020–present)
  • Vijay Kumar as Satyakam: Tribal leader of Pagdandiya; Meethi's husband; Imlie's father figure (2020–present)
  • Meena Naithani as Dulari Devi: Meethi's mother; Imlie's grandmother. (2020–present)
  • Gaurav Mukesh as Sundar Prasad: Tripathis' former househelp; Imlie's friend; Arpita's second husband (2020–present)
  • Rajshri Rani as Arpita Rathore: Narmada's daughter; Aryan's sister; Arvind's widow; Sundar's wife. (2021–present)
  • Neetu Pandey as Narmada Rathore: Aryan and Arpita's mother (2021–present)
  • Indraneel Bhattacharya as Dev Chaturvedi: Janki's son; Anu's husband; Malini and Imlie's father. (2020–present)
  • Jyoti Gauba as Anuja "Anu" Chaturvedi: Dev's wife, Malini's mother. (2020–2022)
  • Piloo Vidyarthi as Janki Chaturvedi: Dev's mother; Malini and Imlie's grandmother. (2020–2021)
  • Ritu Chaudhary as Aparna Tripathi: Pankaj's wife; Aditya's mother. (2020–2022)
  • Chandresh Singh as Pankaj Tripathi: Harish's brother; Aparna's husband; Aditya's father. (2020–2022)
  • Rakesh Maudgal as Harish Tripathi: Pankaj's brother; Radha's husband; Dhruv, Rupali and Nishant's father. (2020–2022)
  • Vijaylaxmi Singh as Radha Tripathi: Harish's wife; Dhruv, Rupali and Nishant's mother. (2020–2022)
  • Preet Kaur Nayak as Rupali "Rupi" Tripathi: Radha and Harish's daughter; Dhruv and Nishanth’s sister. Pranav's ex-wife; Twinkle's mother.(2020–2022)
  • Tasheen Shah as Tanushree "Twinkle" Tripathi: Rupali's daughter. (2020-2021)
  • Arham Abbasi as Nishanth Tripathi; Radha and Harish's son; Dhruv and Rupali’s brother; Pallavi’s husband. (2020-2022)
  • Chandni Bhagwanani as Pallavi Thakur Tripathi: Nishant's wife. (2021)
  • Faisal Sayed as Dhruv Tripathi: Radha and Harish's elder son; Nidhi's husband; Prashant's father. (2020–2021)
  • Astha Agarwal as Nidhi Tripathi: Dhruv's wife; Prashant's mother. (2020–2021)
  • Jared Saville as Prashant "Sunny" Tripathi: Nidhi and Dhruv's son. (2020-2021)
  • Komal Kushwaha as Imlie's friend. (2020)
  • Amit Anand Raut as Sanju: Imlie's Kidnapper. (2020)
  • Amarnath Kumar as Balmesh: Aditya's informer. (2020)
  • Karan Thakur as Arvind Shekhawat: Arpita's first husband (Dead) (2021)
  • Vishwa Gulati as Kunal Chauhan: A lawyer who liked Malini. (2021)
  • Naren Kumar as Prakash: Satyakam's adoptive son; Imlie's best friend. (2021)
  • Sailesh Gulabani as Pranav: Rupali's ex-husband. (2021)
  • Suraj Sonik as Shashank "Shanky": Malini's cousin brother. (2020)
  • Vishal Sharma as Tripathi's family doctor. (2020)
  • Nilima Singh as Neela. Aryan’s and Arpita’s Badi Maa. (2022-present)
  • Resham Prashant as Preeta. Aryan’s Childhood friend who wants Aryan for his wealth. (2022-present)
  • Suryansh Mishra as Madhav who hails from Imlie's village Pagdandiya; Imlie's cameraman and friend. (2022-present)
  • Veer Singh as Uday. Arpita’s Ex- fiancé. (2022)
  • Vaibhavi Kapoor as Jyoti. Aryan's college friend. (2022-present)




Star Jalsha's Bengali series Ishti Kutum was remade in Hindi language on StarPlus as Mohi by White Horse Productions which aired from 2015 to 2016 which did not garner good viewership.[2][3] However, by 4 Lions Films, producer Gul Khan remade the series again as Imlie for StarPlus stating, "I know you have heard and seen this before, many times, but we’ll play it more real".[4]


The filming of the series began in October 2020.[5] The series is based on the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh and mainly filmed at sets in Mumbai.[6]

On 14 April 2021, due to the sudden strict COVID regulations set in by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, shooting of all serials were asked to halt. Imlie Team moved Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad and conducted their shoot there till the next hearings.[7]


Gashmeer Mahajani, playing the lead role of Aditya Kumar Tripathi decided to quit the show in January 2022. He said "My exit was planned two months back. The reasons for the same are best known to me and Gul Khan and I think to maintain our professional integrity, it should remain between only the two of us. It was a two-month long process in which I had to give it the time to stabilize with a new fresh track and gradually reduce my screen space so that once I exit the show, it can still run on its own merit and not get hampered. For the show to run and the new track to sustain after my exit, Aditya has to be completely wrong for Imlie if Aryan has to be completely right. These are basic scripting rules. If I was writing this script, I would have done it the same way. So in the last one and a half month when the decision of my exit was finally made, that is when they made changes in my character and I was okay with it completely. One shouldn't forget that the show-runner is Imlie and she is Sumbul Touqeer. The show runs on her shoulders".


The first promo of the series was released on 27 October 2020 and featured the leads.



Week and Year Episodes BARC viewership (Hindi GEC urban) BARC viewership (Hindi GEC all) Ref.
Impressions (in millions) Ranking Impressions (in millions) Ranking
Week 46, 2020 1-5 5.594 4 8.489 5 [8][9]
Week 48, 2020 12-17 5.832 4 9.05 5 [10][11]
Week 49, 2020 18-23 6.74 3 10.61 4 [12][13]
Week 50, 2020 24-29 6.98 3 10.51 5 [14][15]
Week 51, 2020 30-35 7.078 3 10.601 5 [16]
Week 52, 2020 36-41 7.573 2 11.464 3 [17][18]
Week 1, 2021 42-47 7.753 2 11.753 3 [19][20]
Week 2, 2021 48-53 7.223 2 10.912 3 [21][22]
Week 3, 2021 54-59 7.240 2 11.265 3 [23][24]
Week 4, 2021 60-65 7.513 2 11.520 2 [25][26]
Week 5, 2021 66-71 7.447 2 11.661 2 [27][28]
Week 6, 2021 72-77 7.568 2 11.666 3 [29][30]
Week 7, 2021 78-83 7.594 2 11.470 2 [31][32]
Week 8, 2021 84-89 7.929 2 11.907 2 [33][34]
Week 9, 2021 90-95 8.078 3 12.041 3 [35][36]
Week 10, 2021 96-101 7.555 2 11.560 2 [37][38]
Week 11, 2021 102-107 6.999 3 10.441 3 [39][40]
Week 12, 2021 108-113 7.286 2 11.147 3 [41][42]
Week 13, 2021 114-119 7.037 2 10.514 3 [43][44]
Week 14, 2021 120-125 7.493 2 11.568 2 [45][46]
Week 15, 2021 126-131 6.492 2 10.263 2 [47][48]
Week 16, 2021 132-137 6.994 3 11.130 2 [49][50]
Week 17, 2021 138-143 7.024 3 11.386 2 [51][52]
Week 18, 2021 144-149 7.486 3 11.952 2 [53]
Week 19, 2021 150-155 7.899 3 12.480 3 [54]
Week 20, 2021 156-161 8.043 3 12.552 3 [55]
Week 21, 2021 162-167 7.448 3 11.882 3 [56]
Week 22, 2021 168-173 7.821 3 12.067 3 [57]


Original Sound Track
Soundtrack album by
Tapas Relia
Released16 November 2020
LabelStar India
ProducerGul Khan
Karishma Jain
Imlie: Tracklisting
1."Oh Imliya"5:12
2."Imlie theme song"Tapas Relia3:29
3."Piya Tose Milne"Pamela Jain, Bhaven Dhanak4:00
4."O re Balamwa"3:00
5."O jaaniya"Nishant pandey2:00

Imlie is also known to use Mainstream Songs as well as many licensed music from the West One Music library one of Disney's most used and possibly others not known yet for instance as the Saaith 2 Underscore (which left the show with Anant so isn't really shown anymore unless they recycle the Saaith 2 version in new Saaith 2) and Imlie Main Score track (used all of the time at least once a week difference has intro flute and more wind instruments and louder drumming and chants) is a hard to find one on that site proving to be tough for many a production music searcher to find whilst many of the West Ones are as easy as searching Trailer Genre and running straight into them and this library is also used for many a music from the other shows currently running on the Star/Utsav/Hotstar Network.

The Imlie West One Production Music connection was first found out after a Star Plus Diwali Special hosted by Imlie making it an Imlie Special aired Let Battle Commence on the show during a Hindi religion segment which was a recycled WWE Wrestling entrance theme which was of course West One which lead to many Star Plus BGM actually being found including Imlie except the hard one.


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