Imamate of Aussa

The Imamate of Aussa also spelled Imamate of Awsa was a medieval Harari imamate in present-day eastern Ethiopia with its capital in Asaita.[1] It was carved out of the Sultanate of Harar and the Adal Sultanate.


This polity was marred with internal conflicts between Harla and Arabs.[2] In 1647, the rulers of the Emirate of Harar broke away to form their own polity. Harari imams continued to have a presence in the southern Afar Region until they were overthrown in the eighteenth century by the Mudaito dynasty of Afar who later established the Sultanate of Aussa.[3] The last ruler of the dynasty, Imam Selman was killed in 1750.[4]


Name Reign Note
1 Imām Maḥamed "Jāsa" Ibrahim 1577 - 1583 A relative of Imām Aḥmed Gurēy, he moved the capital to Awsa and appointed his brother (also named Maḥamed) to be Wazir of Harar. He was killed in battle with the Warra Daya in 1583.
2 Imām Saʿadaddīn Maḥamed 1583 - 1585 Son of Imām Maḥamed "Jāsa" Ibrahim
3 Imām Ṣabraddīn Ādan 1585 - 1613 Grandson of Imām Maḥamed "Jāsa" Ibrahim, nephew of Imām Saʿadaddīn Maḥamed.
4 Imām Ṣadiq Ṣabraddīn 1613 - 1632 Son of Imām Ṣabraddīn Ādan
5 Malāq Ādan Ṣadiq 1632 - 1646 Son of Imām Ṣadiq Ṣabraddīn
6 Imām Aḥmed Abrām 1646 - 1647 Grandson of Imām Ṣadiq Ṣabraddīn, Nephew of Malāq Ādan Ṣadiq. When he died the people of Harar did not accept ʿUmardīn Ādan as their ruler and broke away to form the Emirate of Harar.
7 Imām ʿUmardīn Ādan 1647 - 1672 Son of Malāq Ādan Ṣadiq, his Imamate was destroyed by the Mudaito Afars.

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