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Imagine Asia (Korean이매진아시아; formerly known as Wellmade Star M and Wellmade Yedang), is a South Korean entertainment company established in 1976.[2][3] The company operates as a talent agency, television production company, event management, concert production company, and music publishing house.

Imagine Asia Co., Ltd.
Native name
주식회사 이매진아시아
KRX: 036260
Founded1976 (as Banpo Industries)
Headquarters3/F Newtown Building, 113 Apgujeong-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
  • Artist Management
  • Television Production
  • Film Production
  • Music Production
OwnerChungho Comnet Co. (8.9%)[1]
DivisionsWellmade Film
Happy Campus
On Da Com
SubsidiariesDream T Entertainment (since 2013)
Dreamcatcher Company (since 2016)
Cashmere Records (since 2014)
MLD Entertainment (since 2014)
YMC Entertainment (since 2015)
Blue Star Entertainment


The company was founded in 1976 as Banpo Industries, an industrial tent manufacturer that was previously headquartered at Seongnam in Gyeonggi Province. In 2000, the company name was changed to Banpo Tech.

Banpo Tech merged in 2006 with Star M Entertainment, becoming Star M. Among the first artists on its roster were actors Shin Min-a, Jang Dong-gun and Hyun Bin. The company was listed on KOSDAQ in 2007.

In 2008, the company name was again changed, to Wellmade Star M. Its headquarters were moved to Gangnam District, Seoul.

In 2013, Wellmade Star M acquired Dream T Entertainment majority shareholders.[4] In 2014, it merged with Yedang Company to form Wellmade Yedang.[5] In 2015, the company acquired 39% shares of YMC Entertainment, its subsidiaries Dream T Entertainment also acquired 41% shares of YMC Entertainment and became a majority shareholders after having 80% shares of YMC.[6] The company also acquired BLUE STAR Entertainment in the same year.

In March 2016, Yedang Entertainment officially renamed to Banana Culture and following Wellmade also renamed to Imagine Asia in June.[7] However, Wellmade Yedang had continued as an independent company.




  • Jung Yi-rang


  • LJ


Dream T EntertainmentEdit

Dream T Entertainment was founded by Lee Jong-suk in 2009. Imagine Asia acquired it in December 2013.

YMC EntertainmentEdit

YMC Entertainment was founded in 2010 by Cho Yoo-myung, the eldest son of singer Tae Jin-ah. Imagine Asia along with Dream T Entertainment acquired it in July 2015. The label is now closed down as of 2020. Its website is now inaccessible.

Blue Star EntertainmentEdit

Blue Star Entertainment was founded by Byun Dong-jin and Park Chang-jae, former executives of Core Contents Media (now MBK Entertainment). Imagine Asia acquired it in 2015.


  • AA
  • C'est si bon


  • Nam Kyung-hee
  • Shin Ji-ae


Wellmade FilmEdit

Wellmade Film (웰메이드 필름) is a film production company.



Happy Campus ProjectsEdit

Happy Campus Projects (재미난 프로젝트) is a drama production company under Imagine Asia, led by CEO Jung Ah-reum.


On Da ComEdit

On Da Com (also known as On多com) is a multimedia production company in Seoul, South Korea.

Reality television

  • Dad! Where Are We Going? (아빠! 어디가?) (2014–2015)
  • Section TV (섹션 TV) (1999–Current)
  • Good Morning (좋은아침) (1996–Current)
  • Southern Boy Northern Girl (남남 북녀) (2015–Current)
  • Peony Stick Club (모란봉 클럽) (2015–Current)
  • Infinite Girls (무한걸스) (2010–2013)
  • Real Story () (2006–2010)

Former artistsEdit


Recording artistsEdit

Blue Star Entertainment

  • Kim Jin-hong (AA, 2013–2015)
  • Aoora (AA, 2011–2016)


  • ETN (cable TV channel)
  • Park&Noorigae (restaurant)
  • OnDaCom (production company)



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