Illyricum sacrum

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First volume, 1751 edition, Venice (author: Daniele Farlati)

Illyricum sacrum is a multi-volume historical work written in Latin dealing with history of the Catholic Church in the Balkans. The work was published in eight volumes in the period 1751-1819, with the ninth tome printed in the period 1902-1919 as an appendix to Frane Bulić's Bulletino di archeologia e storia dalmata.[1]

The first five volumes (issued 1751-1775) were authored by Daniele Farlati; the volumes 6 (1800) and 7 (1817), were coauthored by Jacopo Coleti, who also published the last volume in 1819.


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  • Volume I - Ecclesia Salonitana, ab ejus exordio usque ad saeculum quastum aerae Christianae (1751)
  • Volume II - Ecclesia Salonitana, a quarto saeculo aerae Christianae usque ad excidium Salonae (1753)
  • Volume III - Ecclesia Spalatensis olim Salonitana (1765)
  • Volume IV - Ecclesiae suffraganeae metropolis Spalatensis (1769)
  • Volume V - Ecclesia Jadertina cum suffraganeis, et ecclesia Zagabriensis (1775)
  • Volume VI - Ecclesia Ragusina cum suffraganeis, et ecclesia Rhiziniensis et Catharensis (1800)
  • Volume VII - Ecclesia Diocletana, Antibarensis, Dyrrhachiensis, et Sirmiensis cum earum suffraganeis (1817)
  • Volume VIII - Ecclesiae Scopiensis, Sardicensis, Marcianopolitana, Achridensis et Ternobensis cum earum suffraganeis (1819)
  • Accessiones et correctiones all'Illyricum sacrum del P. D. Farlati (1909)