Illinois–Missouri League

The Illinois–Missouri League was an American minor league baseball league. It began operations in 1908, and continued through 1914.


The league was formed. Newly formed teams in Canton, Illinois, Galesburg, Illinois, Hannibal, Missouri, Havana, Illinois, Macomb, Illinois, and Monmouth, Illinois joined the league.

Team Name Record
Hannibal Cannibals 68-49
Macomb Potters 66-53
Havana Perfectors 58-61
Canton Chinks 56-61
Monmouth Browns 55-62
Galesburg Hornets 50-67


Hannibal left the league to join the American Association. The team in Havana folded. Newly formed teams in Beardstown, Illinois and Pekin, Illinois joined the league.

Monmouth Browns 77-50
Beardstown Infants 77-52
Pekin Celestials 73-57
Macomb Potters 63-67
Canton Chinks 51-79
Galesburg Boosters 47-83


The teams from Galesburg and Monmouth joined the Central Association. New teams in Clinton, Illinois and Lincoln, Illinois joined the league. Beardstown moved to Jacksonville, Illinois on July 21, and folded with Macomb on August 17.

Pekin Celestials 66-47
Clinton Champs 58-57
Canton Chinks 55-62
Lincoln Abes 43-71
Beardstown Infants/ Jacksonville Jacks 44-36
Macomb Potters 50-43


New teams in Champaign-Urbana and Taylorville, Illinois joined the league.

Clinton Champs 74-55
Pekin Celestials 72-55
Champaign-Urbana Velvets 66-60
Canton Chinks 60-62
Lincoln Abes 59-64
Taylorville Christians 47-82


Taylorville folded. A new team in Streator, Illinois formed and joined the league. The Champaign-Urbana Velvets changed their name to the Champaign Velvets. The team from Clinton moved to Kankakee, Illinois on May 16. Its record prior to the move was 2-5; thereafter, they went 54-51.

Lincoln Abes 70-47
Pekin Celestials 61-55
Canton Highlanders 57-56
Clinton Champs/ Kankakee Kanks 56-56
Champaign Velvets 53-64
Streator Speedboys 46-65


Canton and Pekin folded on July 10, before the end of the season. The league also instituted a playoff system in which the best record of the first half of the season would play the best record of the second half of the season.

Lincoln Abes 57-26 (1st half winner) (tied for 2nd half winner)
Champaign Velvets 53-32 (tied for 2nd half winner)
Kankakee Kanks 35-51
Streator Boosters 30-57
Pekin Celestials 23-26
Canton Chinks 20-26

As Lincoln won the first half outright and tied for the second, it seems to have been judged to be the winner.


New teams in LaSalle, Illinois and Ottawa, Illinois formed and joined the league. Kankakee and Lincoln both folded on July 3, before the season ended.

Champaign Velvets 62-27 (1st half winner) (2nd half winner)
Ottawa Indians 47-38
Streator Boosters 40-48
LaSalle Blue Sox 26-60
Lincoln Abes 32-15
Kankakee Kanks 14-33

Ottawa and Streator left the league to join the Bi-State League. The teams in Champaign and LaSalle folded, and the league itself folded.


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