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Ilin Island is a small island in the Philippines. Measuring 47 square kilometres (18 sq mi),[2] it is just south of Mindoro,[3] separated by the Ilin Strait and Mangarin Bay. To the west is the smaller Ambulong Island, across the Ambulong Strait.

Ilin Island
Natandol, Ilin Island, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro - panoramio.jpg
Ilin Island is located in Luzon
Ilin Island
Ilin Island
Location within the Philippines
Ilin Island is located in Philippines
Ilin Island
Ilin Island
Ilin Island (Philippines)
Coordinates12°13′N 121°05′E / 12.22°N 121.08°E / 12.22; 121.08Coordinates: 12°13′N 121°05′E / 12.22°N 121.08°E / 12.22; 121.08
Adjacent bodies of water
Area47 km2 (18 sq mi)
ProvinceOccidental Mindoro
MunicipalitySan Jose
Population12,017 (2015)[1]
Pop. density256 /km2 (663 /sq mi)

Politically, the island is part of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro, and is divided into ten barangays, namely: Ansiray, Bankal (Bangkal), Buri, Catayungan, Ilin (Iling Proper), Inasakan, Ipil, Labangan Ilin, Natandol and Pawican.[4] As of the 2015 census, its population is 12,017 persons,[1] up from 10,296 in the 2010 census.[5]

The island is home to the Ilin Island Cloudrunner, an endangered species of cloud rat.[6]


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