Il Menabò di letteratura

Il Menabò di letteratura was an Italian cultural and literary magazine published between 1959 and 1967. It was based in Turin, Italy.

Il Menabò di letteratura
CategoriesCultural magazine
Literary magazine
PublisherGiulio Einaudi
  • Elio Vittorini
  • Italo Calvino
First issueJune 1959
Final issue1967
Based inTurin

History and profile


Il Menabò di letteratura was established in 1959.[1] Its founders were Elio Vittorini and Italo Calvino.[1][2] The first issue appeared in July 1959.[3] Elio Vittorini and Italo Calvino edited the magazine until 1966.[4][5] The magazine, published by Giulio Einaudi,[6] had its headquarters in Torino.[7] It covered monographic topics and included writings of novice Italian authors.[2] It also featured writings on newly developed critical literary theories, including Roland Barthes' theory.[2] It had a left-wing[4] and militant stance.[5]

Il Menabò di letteratura ceased publication in 1967.[5][7]

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