Ikitsuki Bridge

The Ikitsuki Bridge is a continuous truss bridge that connects Ikitsuki to Hirado Island. Completed in 1991, it has a main span of 400 meters (1,300 feet).[1] It is the longest continuous truss bridge in the world.[2]

Ikitsuki Bridge
Ikitsuki Bridge 1031230.jpg
Coordinates33°21′11″N 129°26′17″E / 33.3531°N 129.4380°E / 33.3531; 129.4380Coordinates: 33°21′11″N 129°26′17″E / 33.3531°N 129.4380°E / 33.3531; 129.4380
LocaleIkitsuki, Nagasaki
Official nameIkutsuki Bridge
DesignContinuous truss bridge
Width6.5 metres
Height18 metres
Longest span400 metres (1,312.336 ft)
Construction start1983
Construction end1991


The bridge allows automobile access from Ikitsuki to Hirado and the rest of Japan. Previously, the only option to travel off Ikitsuki was by ferry to various ports in Kyūshū.

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