Ihor Reznichenko (Ukrainian: Ігор Резніченко, Polish: Igor Rezniczenko; born 30 December 1994) is a former Ukrainian figure skater who competed for Poland. He is the 2017 Slovenia Open champion and a three-time Polish national champion (2016, 2018, 2019). He has represented Poland at three World Championships and competed in the final segment at the 2018 European Championships.

Ihor Reznichenko
Native nameІгор Резніченко
Other namesIgor Reznichenko
Born (1994-12-30) 30 December 1994 (age 28)
Dnipro, Ukraine
Height1.69 m (5 ft 6+12 in)
Figure skating career
Country Poland (since 2015)
CoachEvgeni Rukavicin
Galina Kashina
Skating clubGdańsk FSC
Began skating1999
RetiredNovember 7, 2020

Personal life edit

Reznicheno was born on 30 December 1994 in Dnipro, Ukraine.[1]

Career for Ukraine edit

Early years edit

Reznichenko began learning to skate in 1999.[1] He debuted on the ISU Junior Grand Prix series in September 2008, in Ostrava, Czech Republic. He also competed on the JGP series in 2009, 2011, and 2013.

He trained under Ludmyla Petrovska early in his career. By the 2009–2010 season, he was coached by Olena Ferafontova in Dnipro, Ukraine.[2] By the 2011–2012 season, he was training in Kyiv under Halyna Kukhar and Olena Amosova.[3]

2012–2013 season edit

Reznichenko's senior international debut came at the NRW Trophy in December 2012. Later that month, he won the bronze medal at the Ukrainian Championships. Dmytro Shkidchenko and Halyna Kukhar coached him in Kyiv.[4]

2013–2014 season edit

Making his last international appearance for Ukraine, he placed 11th at the Winter Universiade, held in December 2013 in Trento, Italy. A week later, he took the silver medal at the Ukrainian Championships. He was coached by Shkidchenko.[5]

Career for Poland edit

2015–2016 season edit

In December 2015, Reznichenko won the Polish national title at the 2016 Four Nationals. He made no international appearances during the season.

2016–2017 season edit

Reznichenko debuted internationally for Poland at the 2016 CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial, held in late September and early October 2016, and finished 9th. He placed 4th at the 2016 CS Warsaw Cup and then won the silver medal at the 2017 Polish Championships.

Reznichenko placed 25th at the 2017 European Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic, just missing a spot in the final segment. He ranked 29th at the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland. He was coached by Evgeni Rukavicin and Galina Kashina in Saint Petersburg, Russia.[6]

2017–2018 season edit

In September 2017, Reznichenko won gold at the Slovenia Open. As a result, Poland assigned him to compete at the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy, the final qualifying opportunity for the 2018 Winter Olympics. His placement in Germany, 11th, was insufficient to earn an Olympic spot.

Reznichenko qualified to the free skate at the 2018 European Championships in Moscow.

Programs edit

Season Short program Free skating
  • Mala Luna
  • La Strada
    by Nino Rota
  • Blues
  • The Man in the Iron Mask
    by Nick Glennie-Smith
  • Blues
  • Love is War
    by Y. Goren

Competitive highlights edit

CS: Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

For Poland edit

Event 15–16 16–17 17–18 18–19
Worlds 29th 36th 35th
Europeans 25th 24th 25th
CS Alpen Trophy 20th
CS Ice Star 13th
CS Lombardia 13th
CS Nebelhorn 11th
CS Ondrej Nepela 9th
CS Warsaw Cup 4th 5th
Cup of Nice 10th
Denkova-Staviski Cup 5th
Dragon Trophy 9th
Ice Star 5th
Golden Bear 6th
Slovenia Open 1st
Warsaw Cup 5th
Polish Champ. 1st 2nd 1st 1st
WD = Withdrew

For Ukraine edit

Event 08–09 09–10 10–11 11–12 12–13 13–14
Cup of Nice 11th
NRW Trophy 15th
Ondrej Nepela 9th
Winter Universiade 11th
International: Junior[7]
JGP Czech Republic 23rd
JGP Hungary 11th
JGP Italy 12th
JGP Latvia 12th
JGP Poland 12th 8th
NRW Trophy 4th
Tirnavia Ice Cup 3rd
Ukrainian Champ. 5th 4th 3rd 2nd
J = Junior level

References edit

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