Ignorance Is Bliss

"Ignorance is bliss" is a phrase coined by Thomas Gray in his 1768 "Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College". The sentiment was already expressed by Publilius Syrus: In nil sapiendo vita iucundissima est. (In knowing nothing, life is most delightful.)

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  • Ignorance Is Bliss (film), a 2017 Italian film directed by Massimiliano Bruno
  • Ignorance Is Bliss (House), a 2009 episode of House
  • Alice: Ignorance Is Bliss, a short 2014 documentary following the relationship between an 84-year-old woman diagnosed with dementia and her grandson
  • "Ignorance Is Bliss", a famous line said by the character Cypher from the movie The Matrix (1999)
  • Ignorance Is Bliss, a BBC radio adaptation of the American comedy quiz It Pays to Be Ignorant, which ran on the Light Programme from 1946 until 1950

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