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"Take Out Some Insurance" is a blues song released in 1959 by Jimmy Reed written by Charles Singleton and Waldenese Hall but originally credited to Jesse Stone. The copyright registration for the song lists its title as "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby".[citation needed]. Tony Sheridan recorded it with different lyrics in 1961 with The Beatles as his backing band. Misidentified, it was released in Germany in 1964 as "If You Love Me, Baby (Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby)" but subsequently as "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby (If You Love Me, Baby)" , "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby" or erroneously as "If You Love Me" .

"Take Out Some Insurance"
"Take Out Some Insurance" single
Single by Jimmy Reed
B-side"You Know I Love You"
Released1959 (1959)
Format10" 78 rpm & 7" 45 rpm record
GenreChicago blues
LabelVee-Jay (Cat. no.314)
Songwriter(s)Charles Singleton, Waldenese Hall (credited to Jesse Stone)

Original recording by Jimmy ReedEdit

Riding a string of popular releases, Jimmy Reed recorded "Take Out Some Insurance" (with that title) in early 1959 and released the record in April. The singles, Vee Jay 314, was Billboard's R & B "Best Buy" for the week of May 11. According to Billboard the song sold well in Louisiana but never made the national charts.[1]

Tony Sheridan and the Beatles versionEdit

"If You Love Me, Baby"
B-side label of UK single
Single by Tony Sheridan and the Beatles
A-side"Ain't She Sweet"
Released29 May 1964
Recorded24 June 1961 at Studio Rahlstedt, Hamburg, Germany
LabelPolydor Records NH 52-317 (UK)
Songwriter(s)Charles Singleton, Waldenese Hall

On June 22, 1961, Tony Sheridan and the Beatles played a cover version of the song. It was recorded in Hamburg while the Beatles were playing at the Top Ten Club. Bert Kaempfert produced the session for Polydor, but the recording was not immediately released. After the Beatles became popular, Polydor prepared three singles of unreleased material, one of which contained their recording of this song (German Polydor NH 52-317, released in mid-April 1964). Due to the song's relative obscurity and the fact that the lyrics that Sheridan sang are almost entirely different from Reed's version, the song was mistitled at first as "If You Love Me, Baby". When the singles were sent to Atlantic Records in the United States for release in that country, apparently someone recognized the song (and copyrighted it to Singleton and Hall). Corrected labels of the June album, The Beatles' First ! (German Polydor LPHM 46-432), show the proper title; the album was released in England in 1967.

The American release of the single came slightly later due to Atlantic/Atco's decision to overdub drum (possibly by Bernard Purdie), guitar (possibly by Cornell Dupree) and harmonica[2]. Due to one brief use of language that was inappropriate for radio in 1964, Atco also edited the song.[3]

Release detailsEdit


  • "Ain't She Sweet" / "If You Love Me, Baby (Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby)" — released 15 April 1964 on Polydor NH 52-317 (Germany).
  • "Ain't She Sweet" / "If You Love Me, Baby (Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby)" — released 29 May 1964 on Polydor NH 52-317 (UK).
  • "Sweet Georgia Brown" / "Take Out Some Insurance on Me, Baby" — released 1 June 1964 on Atco 45-6302 (US).[4]


These four Polydor albums have the same tracklist.

1964 US album by Atco Records.

1984 CD reissue by Polydor.


American release:

  • Cornell Dupree – guitar overdub
  • Bernard Purdie – drum overdub


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Liner notes by Tony Sheridan for "The Beatles' First" (Polydor Records Ltd., UK 236.201)

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