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If I Die Young (IFIDY) is an American non-profit organization founded on June 10, 2014, which exists to give struggling teens a new family, a new goal, and a community. In particular, the organization raises funds for these causes by selling a line of clothing on their website, as well as organizing charity events on social media.[1]

If I Die Young
If I Die Young Logo.jpg
TypeNon-profit organization
PurposeTo give struggling people a family, a purpose, and a community. Being dedicated to helping others through the tough times, and coming out of it stronger, TOGETHER - UNITED.
Founder / Creative Director
Kevin Barnett



If I Die Young's goal stems from a personal encounter that its founder had with a fellow student named Cody, a young man who struggled with severe depression and isolation. In an attempt to convince Cody that suicide was not the only option, Kevin suggested that he make a list of all the people and things that would change if he were to take his own life. A week later, Cody was involved in a motorcycle accident that took his life.[2]

In his backpack was the list I asked him to write, which he had labeled “IF I DIE YOUNG”. The only thing written underneath the title was my name….[2]

Through the sale of t-shirts and charity fundraisers, If I Die Young hopes to provide financial support to send addicts to [rehabilitation clinics] and assist teens struggling with self-harm. In addition, the organization seeks to provide an interactive community to support teens whose families have died and to call attention to the problems caused by depression and addiction.[3]


So far, the organization has made appearances at events entitled Let's Move Cities and Third String Productions. In addition, If I Die Young plans to make an appearance at South by So What?! music festival to sell t-shirts and raise awareness.[4]


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