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Idris Iskandar al-Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah of Perak

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Sultan Idris Iskandar Al-Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah Kaddasullah, CMG (17 August 1924 – 31 January 1984) was the 33rd Sultan of Perak from 5 January 1963 until his death on 31 January 1984. He was the son of Sultan Iskandar Shah.

Idris II
Sultan of Perak
Sultan of Perak
Reign5 January 1963 – 31 January 1984
Installation26 October 1963
PredecessorYussuff Izzuddin Shah of Perak
SuccessorAzlan Shah of Perak
Chief Ministers
Born(1924-08-17)17 August 1924
Istana Negara, Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, Perak, Federated Malay States, British Malaya
Died31 January 1984(1984-01-31) (aged 59)
Lumut, Perak, Malaysia
  • Raja Noor Izah binti Raja Ali
    (m. 1943; div. 1957)
  • Raja Muzwin binti Raja Arif Shah
    (m. 1943; died 2011)
  • Che Asmah (div.)
  • Che Puan Hanizah (div.)
  • Che Puan Aminah
    (m. 1961; div. 1974)
  • Sharifah Salmah binti Syed Ahmad (m. 1964)
  • Che Satira binti Abdullah
    (m. 1967; died 2011)
  • Norizan binti Hamzah (d. 2006)
  • Raja Yussuff Izzuddin Iskandar Shah
  • Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain
  • Raja Shahruzzaman
  • Raja Alang Iskandar
  • Raja Jamil Ariffin
  • Raja Ahmaddin Razman
  • Raja Shaharuddin Rashid
  • Raja Nazhatul Shima
  • Raja Halimatun Shahrin (d. 2019)
  • Raja Zarith Sofiah
  • Raja Radziatul Zahar
  • Raja Juliana Rafeah
  • Raja Saidatul Mardiah
  • Raja Shuibah
Regnal name
Sultan Idris Iskandar Al-Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah Kaddasullah
HouseHouse of Perak
FatherSultan Iskandar Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Idris Murshidul Azzam Shah Rahmatullah
MotherRaja Puteh Umi Kalsom binti Raja Kulop Muhammad Kramat
ReligionSunni Islam


Early life and educationEdit

He was born on 17 August 1924 at Istana Negara, Kuala Kangsar, Perak as the second son of Sultan Iskandar and Raja Puteh Umi Kalsom.[1] His father was a son of Sultan Iskandar Shah and a brother of Sultan Abdul Jalil. He was named Raja Idris Shah at birth.

He was educated at Clifford School, Kuala Kangsar and furthered his studies at the Malay College Kuala Kangsar. He was made Raja Di Hilir in 1933, succeeding Raja Chulan, who died that year. He was appointed Raja Bendahara in October 1938 upon the demise of his father. Ten years later, on 29 March 1948, the then sultan, Sultan Abdul Aziz, died and Raja Idris was made Raja Muda (Crown Prince) by his cousin, the new sultan, Sultan Yussuf Izzuddin Shah.[1]

Sultan of PerakEdit

Upon the death of his cousin Sultan Yussuff Izzuddin Shah on 5 January 1963, he was appointed as the 33rd Sultan of Perak assuming title – Sultan Idris Iskandar Al-Mutawakkil Alallahi Shah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Shah Kaddasullah.

Marriages and childrenEdit

Sultan Idris married firstly, Raja Noor Izah binti Raja Ali. She was styled Raja Puan Besar until their divorce 14 years later. He then married his cousin Raja Muzwin, the daughter of Raja Arif Shah Raja Harun, on 12 August 1943. Idris and Raja Muzwin are first cousins once removed. Idris's grandfather, Sultan Idris Shah I, is Raja Muzwin's great-grandfather. She became to be known as Raja Perempuan upon Sultan Idris ascending the Perak throne. Among his children were:[2]

  1. Raja Nazhatul Shima, who is (Raja Puan Mahkota of Perak) (born 1951) married Syed Omar Alsagoff.
  2. Raja Dato' Seri Izzuddin Iskandar (born 1953), married Tengku Datin Seri Noor Hazah (born 1955).
  3. Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain (born 1955), who is Raja DiHilir, married Tunku Soraya, (adopted) daughter of Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah.
  4. Raja Halimahtun Shahrin (1957-2019), drowned at sea while scuba diving in Pulau Perhentian, Besut, Terengganu.
  5. Raja Zarith Sofia (born 1960), married Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor.
  6. Raja Jamil Ariffin, married Tengku Zalila.
  7. Raja Radziatul Zahar, died during infancy.

The Sultan was also claimed to have a son with an Elizabeth Rosa, who was given up for adoption. Keith Williams was raised in Wales, and in 2015 traced his birth parents for a documentary for S4C.[3]

His grandchildren:

  • By Raja Nazhatul Shima (Raja Puan Mahkota of Perak) and Syed Omar Alsagoff:
    • Syed Saif Alsagoff (born 1973)
    • Syed Ibrahim Alsagoff (born 1976)
    • Syed Redzuan Alsagoff (born 1981)
    • Syed Shareef Alsagoff (born 1983)
    • Syed Idris Alsagoff (born 1986)
    • Syed Iskandar Alsagoff (born 1988)
  • By Yang Teramat Mulia Raja Dato' Seri Izzuddin Iskandar (born 1953) and Tengku Datin Seri Noor Hazah (born (1955-11-07) 7 November 1955 (age 63)) daughter of (Tengku Abdul Aziz Shah).He had issue,two son and three daughter.
    • Raja Teh Umi Kaslom (born 28 October 1978)
    • Raja Muzaffar Idris Shah (born 28 December 1979)
    • Raja Putra Muhamad Riza (born 13 December 1981)
  • By Duli Yang Amat Mulia Raja Iskandar Zulkarnain (Raja Di-Hilir of Perak) and Tunku Soraya (Raja Puan Muda Perak) daughter of Sultan Abdul Halim of Kedah):
    • Raja Nabil Imran (born 1987)
    • Raja Idris Shah (born 1989)
    • Raja Sarina Intan Bahiyah (born 1992)
    • Raja Safia Azizah (born 1997)
    • Raja Siffudin Muadzam' Shah (born 1999)
  • By Duli Yang Maha Mulia Raja Zarith Sofia and Sultan Ibrahim Ismail of Johor:
    • Tunku Mahkota of Johor (Crown Prince of Johor), Tunku Ismail Idris (born 1984)
    • Tunku Tun Aminah Maimunah Iskandariah (born 1986)
    • Tunku Temenggong of Johor, Tunku Idris (born 1988)
    • Tunku Laksamana of Johor, Tunku Abdul Jalil (1990-2015)
    • Tunku Panglima of Johor, Tunku Abdul Rahman Hassanal-Jefri (born 1992)
    • Tunku Putera of Johor, Tunku Abu Bakar (born 2000)
  • By Raja Jamil Ariffin and Tengku Zalila (princess of the House of Jamalullail (Perlis)):
    • Raja Rafiuddin Ariff Shah (born 1992)
    • Raja Idris Iskandar Shah (born 1995)
    • Raja Muhammad Hazim Shah (born 2003)

His great-grandchildren as of 2018:

  • By Tunku Ismail Idris and Che' Puan Khaleeda:
    • Tunku Khalsom Aminah Sofiah (born on (2016-06-25)25 June 2016) (age 2 years, 10 months and 23 days)
    • Tunku Iskandar Abdul Jalil Abu Bakar Ibrahim (born on (2017-10-14)14 October 2017) (age 1 year, 7 months and 4 days)
  • By Syed Ibrahim Alsagoff and Suzanna:
    • Sharifah Nadyatul Iman Alsagoff (born on (2005-08-23)23 August 2005) (age 13 years, 8 months and 25 days)
    • Syed Ismail Iman Alsagoff (born on (2006-11-28)28 November 2006) (age 12 years, 5 months and 20 days)

Death and successionEdit

Sultan Idris Shah II was the frontrunner to be elected Malaysia's eighth Yang Di-Pertuan Agong. However it was fated that on 31 January 1984, a week before being elected by his all Malay rulers, he suddenly died after suffering a heart attack at the Angkatan Tentera Hospital, Lumut at 11:15 pm.

He was 59 and was the Sultan of Perak for 21 years.

He was interred at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum at Bukit Chandan and the posthumous title of Marhum Afifullah was conferred. He funeral took place on 3 February 1984 and he was buried at the Al-Ghufran Royal Mausoleum near Ubudiah Mosque, Kuala Kangsar.

He was succeeded by his first nephew once removed, Raja Azlan Shah.


The state mosque of Perak in Ipoh and Sultan Idris Shah II Bridge in Bota are named after him.


Honours of PerakEdit

  • Grand Master of the Royal Family Order of Perak (5 January 1963 – 31 January 1984)
  • Grand Master of the Order of the Cura Si Manja Kini (5 January 1963 – 31 January 1984)
  • Founding Grand Master of the Order of the Taming Sari (1977 – 31 January 1984)
  • Grand Master of the Order of the Crown of Perak (5 January 1963 – 31 January 1984)

Honour of MalayaEdit


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