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The Idaho Army National Guard is a component of the United States Army and the United States National Guard. Nationwide, the Army National Guard comprises approximately one half of the US Army's available combat forces and approximately one third of its support organization. National coordination of various state National Guard units are maintained through the National Guard Bureau.

Headquarters, State Area Command
Idaho Army National Guard
Seal of the United States Army National Guard.svg
Seal of the Army National Guard
CountryUnited States
BranchArmy National Guard
TypeARNG Headquarters Command
RoleArmed Forces
Part ofIdaho National Guard
Garrison/HQBoise, Idaho

Idaho Army National Guard units are trained and equipped as part of the United States Army. The same ranks (both enlisted and officer) and insignia are used and National Guardsmen are eligible to receive all United States military awards. The Idaho Guard also bestows a number of state awards for local services rendered in or to the state of Idaho.

The Militia Act of 1903 organized the various state militias into the present National Guard system.

Formerly attached to the Idaho National Guard NGB regulations 10-4 and United States code chapter 32 section 109 was the Idaho State Guard which was created to replace the Idaho National Guard when they were in federal service and not available for the protection of the state.


116th Cavalry Brigade insignia

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The "Divided We Fall" trilogy by Trent Reedy is written about a member of the Idaho Army National Guard during a Second American Civil War.

The book "Against All Enemies" by Harold Coyle centers around the Idaho National Guard.

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