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The Hokkesan Ichijō-ji (法華山一乗寺) is a temple of the Tendai sect in Kasai, Hyōgo, Japan. It was established by Emperor Kōtoku's instruction in 650.

Hokkesan Ichijō-ji
Ichijoji Kasai13bs4272.jpg
Basic information
Location 821-17, Sakamoto, Kasai, Hyogo 675-2222
Affiliation Tendai
Country Japan
Architectural description
Founder Hōdō
Completed 650

The pagoda at Ichijō-ji completed in 1171 is a National Treasure of Japan. The architectural style is wayō (和様) (literally "Japanese style").

Ichijō-ji is temple No. 26 in the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage.


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. It was rebuilt in 1628.

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Coordinates: 34°51′33″N 134°49′08″E / 34.8593°N 134.819°E / 34.8593; 134.819