Ibrahim Inal

Ibrahim Inal (also spelled İbrahim Yınal,[1] died 1060) was a Seljuk warlord, the son of Yûsuf Yınal[1] and a full brother of the Sultan Tughril.

Ibrahim Inal
Birth nameIbrahim
Other name(s)Inal
Diedc. 1060
Baghdad, Abbasid Caliphate (now Iraq)
Years of service1040s – 1060
Battles/warsBattle of Kapetron
RelationsYûsuf Yınal (father)
Tughril (brother)

In 1047, Ibrahim wrested Hamadan and Kangavar from the Kakuyid ruler Garshasp I.[2] Ibrahim later commanded a successful raid against the eastern provinces of the Byzantine Empire which culminated in the Battle of Kapetrou in September 1048. The Arab chronicler Ibn al-Athir reports that he brought back 100,000 captives and a vast booty loaded on the backs of ten thousand camels.[3] In 1058, he revolted against his brother, but was eventually defeated and personally strangled by Toğrül with his bowstring at Baghdad.[4]


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