Ibn Khalaf al-Muradi

Ibn Khalaf al-Murādī, (أبو جعفر علي ابن خلف المرادي; 11th century) was an Andalusian engineer.

Al-Muradí portrait.
Fragment of The Book of Secrets in the Results of Thoughts. 11th century

Al-Murādī was the author of the technological manuscript entitled Kitāb al-asrār fī natā'ij al-afkār (Arabic: كتاب الأسرار في نتائج الأفكار, The Book of Secrets in the Results of Thoughts or The Book of Secrets in the Results of Ideas).[1] It was copied and used at the court of Alfonso VI of León and Castile in Christian Spain in the 11th century.[citation needed]

The manuscript provides information about a "Castle and Gazelle Clock" and many other forms of complicated clocks and ingenious devices.[citation needed]

In 2008, the Book of Secrets of al-Muradi was published in facsimile, translated in English/Italian/French/Arabic and in an electronic edition with all machines interpreted in 3D, by the Italian study center Leonardo3.


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