Ibex (vehicle)

Ibex is an off-road vehicle, made by Foers Engineering Ltd in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, England. Foers offer the Ibex either ready-built or as a kit to build with donor parts from a Land Rover Defender on a monocoque chassis.

A 1997 Ibex with two-door body

Foers offers the Ibex with a range of different wheelbases and body types.

Among other features, the Ibex can be built or delivered with Foer's patented Vector winch system. A winch is mounted centrally in the vehicle, and the cable runs to fairleads front and rear. This allows the vehicle to pull in either direction, or pull out the cable and secure it both ways, so that the vehicle can pull along the cable like a cable car.[1]

There have been four generations of Ibex, from the Mk 1 in 1988 to the current Ibex F8.

ATAE Munro Mark 1Edit

The Munro Mark 1[2] is an electric 4x4 utility vehicle intended for farm use, which has been developed in Scotland on the platform of the V8-engined Foers Ibex F8[3] by East Kilbride-based company All Terrain All Electric Ltd, founded in 2019.[4][5] Two years later, the first prototypes were released by the company, with the prototype Munro tested by presenter Jimmy de Ville on a Scottish farm,[6] on the Fifth Gear Recharged episode[7] first broadcast on the Freeview Quest channel on 9 December 2021.

In 2022, company founders Russ Peterson and Ross Anderson[8] changed the name of ATAE to Munro Vehicles, with the £65,000 EV due to be produced in Glasgow from 2023 in limited numbers (until full production starts towards the end of the decade) and with exports to North America due to start soon afterwards.[9][10]

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