Iberia (disambiguation)

Iberia, in its most common meaning, refers to the Iberian Peninsula in southwestern Europe. In history, the name is also used for an area in the Caucasus more or less identical with the modern country of Georgia.

Iberia may also refer to:

Regions in the CaucasusEdit

  • Kingdom of Iberia (c. 302 BC–580 AD), an ancient Georgian kingdom
  • Sasanian Iberia (523–626/627 AD), the eastern parts of Caucasian Georgia under direct Sasanian rule
  • Principality of Iberia (580-880 AD), in early medieval Caucasian Georgia
  • Bagratid Iberia (888-1008), a Georgian monarchy concentrated on historical lands of Tao and Klarjeti
  • Iberia (theme) (c. 1000-1074 AD), an administrative and military unit of the Byzantine Empire carved out of several Georgian lands

Modern placesEdit

Arts and entertainmentEdit


  • Deportes Iberia, a Chilean football club based in Los Ángeles
  • Iberia SC, a former Spanish football club based in Zaragoza, Aragon


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