Ian J. Mason

Ian James Mason is an Australian ornithologist and taxonomist who is Senior Collection Manager for the Australian National Wildlife Collection. He is an authority on oology.[1]


As well as writing numerous scientific papers, Mason has collaborated on several books about birds.

  • 1980 – Nocturnal Birds of Australia. (With Richard Schodde. Illustrations by Jeremy Boot). Lansdowne Editions: Melbourne. (Whitley Medal 1981).
  • 1997 – Zoological Catalogue of Australia: Aves (Columbidae to Coraciidae) v. 37. 2. (With Richard Schodde). CSIRO Publishing. ISBN 0-643-06037-5
  • 1998 – CSIRO List of Australian Vertebrates: A Reference with Conservation Status. (With Richard Schodde, M. Stanger, M Clayton, and J. Wombey). CSIRO Publishing. ISBN 0-643-06256-4
  • 1999 – The Directory of Australian Birds: Passerines. A taxonomic and zoogeographic atlas of the biodiversity of birds of Australia and its territories. (With Richard Schodde). CSIRO Publishing. ISBN 0-643-06456-7


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