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Iamsound Records

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Iamsound Records is a Los Angeles, California-based independent label, which was founded in 2006 by Niki Roberton, as a part of Worlds End, USA[1] (one of the largest US talent management companies for producers). Roberton continues to run the label, with Paul Tao.[2]

Iamsound Records
IAMSOUND logo.png
Founded2006 (2006)
FounderNiki Roberton
Distributor(s)The Orchard
GenreIndie pop, electronica, dance, indie rock
Country of originUnited States
LocationLos Angeles, California

While the label endeavours to promote local indie music, with LA-based acts (e.g. Lord Huron, Io Echo and Fool's Gold), its pre-eminent signings include English artists Florence and the Machine, Little Boots and Charli XCX.

In 2010, the label released a series of vinyl and digital singles called the L.A. Collection, featuring notable LA-based musicians through a singles club,[2] although not in the same subscription-only singles club sense that Sub Pop Records used to have.

In 2012, Iamsound collaborated with the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art for a gallery/concert series.[3]



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