I Come with the Rain

I Come with the Rain is a 2009 neo-noir atmospheric thriller written and directed by Vietnamese-born French director Tran Anh Hung, starring American actor Josh Hartnett.

I Come With The Rain
I Come With The Rain Movie Poster.jpg
Film Poster
Directed byTran Anh Hung
Produced byFernando Sulichin
Jean Cazès
Jean-Pierre Marois
Written byTran Anh Hung
StarringJosh Hartnett
Elias Koteas
Lee Byung-hun
Takuya Kimura
Shawn Yue
Trần Nữ Yên Khê
Music byGustavo Santaolalla
CinematographyJuan Ruiz Anchía
Edited byMario Battistel
Distributed byTF1 International
Release date
  • May 27, 2009 (2009-05-27) (Tokyo)
Running time
114 minutes
Box office$4,747,795[1]

After making three movies about Vietnam, Tran Anh Hung intended to make a baroque action film, a passionate thriller, both intense and poetic, haunted by three characters from the mythology of film and the Western world: the serial killer, the private investigator, and the Christ figure.

The action takes place in Los Angeles, Mindanao and Hong Kong and brings together American and Asian actors.[2]

The film score is written by the Argentine Academy Award Winner Gustavo Santaolalla and the English alternative rock band Radiohead. The filmmaker also makes heavy use of post-rock music, including songs by Explosions in the Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and A Silver Mt. Zion.

The film premiered in Tokyo at Toho Cinemas Roppongi Hills on May 27, 2009.[3]


Two years after killing Hasford, a serial killer, in the line of duty, Kline now works as a private detective, but he is still haunted by the ghosts of his past. A powerful pharmaceutical conglomerate boss hires Kline to find his only son Shitao who has mysteriously disappeared in the Philippines where he had been helping in an orphanage.

Kline follows the trail left by the ethereal Shitao to the jungles of Mindanao, and then to the urban jungle of Hong Kong, where he enlists the help of Meng Zi, an old police officer friend. The search leads Kline to cross paths with local organized crime syndicate boss Su Dongpo, who is making trouble for the underworld, triggered by an overriding passion for his drug-addicted girlfriend Lili.

Caught in the crossfire between the Hong Kong police and Su Dongpo's mafia drug ring which is also hunting for Shitao, Kline finds himself alone, in this unknown city, when Meng Zi is victim of an assassination attempt and is hospitalised.

Leaving behind his 5-star hotel for a shabby murder scene apartment in order to get inside the mind of Shitao, Kline gradually loses himself in the terrifying memories of Hasford, whose speciality was dissecting his victims' limbs while they were still alive, then reassembling them into installation sculptures.

After a few weeks immersed in his haunted memories, torn between good and evil, Kline is about to leave Hong Kong when he finds Shitao, who has become a mysterious vagrant with healing powers.[4][5]


Main castEdit

Supporting castEdit

  • Eusebio Poncela as Vargas
  • Sam Lee as The Monk Artist
  • Carl Ng as The Dead Sack Man
  • William Chow Tze Ho as Mi Fu
  • Bo-yuan Chan as Dai Xi
  • Russ Kingston as Felix Sportis
  • Jo Kuk as The 9mm Lover
  • David Tang as Wang Wei
  • Thea Aquino as The Erotic Dancer
  • Alvaro Longoria as The Psychiatrist
  • Benito Sagredo as The Male Nurse

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