I Am a Fugitive

I Am a Fugitive (Spanish: Soy un prófugo) is a 1946 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Emilia Guiú and Daniel "Chino" Herrera.[1] The film's sets were designed by Manuel Fontanals.

I Am a Fugitive
Directed byMiguel M. Delgado
Written byArnold Lipp [fr]
Hans Wilhelm
Jaime Salvador
Miguel M. Delgado
Emilia Guiú
Daniel "Chino" Herrera
Music byGonzalo Curiel
CinematographyJack Draper
Edited byJorge Bustos
Cora Films
Release date
11 March 1946


A janitor in a large bank is accused of pulling of a major heist. He is forced to become a fugitive while hunting for the real culprits.


  • Cantinflas as Cantinflas
  • Emilia Guiú as Raquel
  • Daniel "Chino" Herrera as Carmelo
  • Agustín Isunza as Emilio Blanco, inspector de policía
  • Rafael Alcayde as El jefe
  • Carmelita González as Rosita
  • José Elías Moreno as Gargantúa / El Pimpón
  • Ángel T. Sala
  • Estanislao Schillinsky
  • Rafael Icardo
  • Roberto Corell
  • Rodolfo Acosta as Gang member
  • Stephen Berne as Esbirro pelón del jefe (uncredited)
  • María Luisa Cortés as Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)
  • Pedro Elviro as Esbirro chaparro del jefe (uncredited)
  • Edmundo Espino as Empleador (uncredited)
  • Georgina González as Sirvienta (uncredited)
  • Gloria Lozano as Invitada a fiesta (uncredited)
  • Chel López as Esbirro del jefe (uncredited)
  • José Muñoz as Detective de policía (uncredited)
  • José Ortega as Invitado a fiesta (uncredited)
  • José Ortiz de Zárate as Don Prospero, gerente banco (uncredited)
  • Roberto Y. Palacios as Cliente en tienda (uncredited)
  • Humberto Rodríguez as Cliente en tienda (uncredited)
  • Félix Samper as Representante del banco (uncredited)
  • Manuel Trejo Morales as Esbirro del jefe (uncredited)


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