iSpy is a British Children's television series. The first season of the show was shot in summer of 2007 and aired in May 2007. The show is currently filming its second season after its pilot success. Season Two will have ten episodes, which is double the first season's small five episodes.



iSpy chronicles the day to day lives of teenage spies Melissa, Toby, and John. Similar to Charlie's Angels, the three spies have secret identities as super spies and have to go on missions that their secret boss Loretta (who, like Charlie is never seen) sets for them. Along with their spy lives, the teens have to deal with school lives, and keeping their missions a secret.

The show typically starts off with the spies in school or some other normal teen event. They will, in some way that the other people around then can not see, be notified they have a mission. In one episode, Loretta pages the spies on their cell phones. In a school picnic, the spies are alerted by a giant blimp floating over the school that the other students do not notice. The spies will then find a way to leave wherever they are. Once they are out of view from anyone, another agent will give them their mission from Loretta.


Loretta is the leader of the mysterious organization that the spies work for. Little is known about it or Loretta herself, and she is not seen in episodes. The only appearance of Loretta in the episodes is her name in mission statements for the spies. Loretta's silhouette is seen in the Pilot episode. She appears to be a petite woman with long, curly hair and large glasses.

Melissa is considerably the leader of the group. She is the only girl in the trio, and often her intellect solves their problems more than the guy's physical attempts at things.

Toby is second in command of the spies. Along with Melissa, Toby tends to focus more on the matter at hand and how to solve it. Although being extremely bright, often Toby has typical "blonde" moments. These moments of stupidity usually lead to the other character realizing something important and, through Toby's help, saving the day.

John is iSpy's most typical teenage character. While the other two spies are diverse, John's personality is that of a high school jock and he often uses his muscles to solve problems more than his brawn. His typical jock attitude upsets Toby on many occasions, and the two characters often fight over small issues; John using his brawn and Toby using his brains.

Season Two Age GapEdit

The first season for the show was shot in November 2007. When filming started for Season 2 in mid-2008, one of the problems was the actors had grown up, and some looked completely different. As a way to cover this, the first episode of Season 2 will have body doubles for the first part of the episode, with the characters being shown only from the back. They will receive a job that they must dress up and disguise themselves for, making for an easy introduction of the new spies. After the mission, the spies will like their new makeovers so much, they will keep them.


Season 1Edit

# Title Premiere Code
1 "Bad Hair Day" N/A 101
Melissa wakes up and is having a terrible hair day. While fixing her hair after waking up, a letter from Loretta skyrockets into her bathroom mirror. She reads the mission and jets off, meeting Toby and John. All around the world, models have been shaving their heads bald and it is up to the spies to investigate. The bald beauties later reveal a much sinister plot, as the bald models start attacking citizens as well.
2 "Crash Diet" N/A 102
Toby decides he's getting a bit fat and starts to work out and eat less. His crash diet is soon postponed as a madwoman seeks revenge on the world's perception as thin being beautiful by intoxicating food in fast food joints to make them extra fatty.
3 "Busted" N/A 103

On a school vacation trip to the beach, the spies receive their mission too soon! Their school enemy, Crystal, discovers their secret. To keep her from telling their secret, the spies bring her along on their mission to stop the villain trying to destroy tourist beaches to restore them to their natural habitat and save the species affected by people invading animal's land.

This is the first episode to feature Crystal, played by Amelia Grant. Amy was also Sam Buchanan (Toby)'s costar in the television show Torture.
4 "I Don't" N/A 104
The three spies all have their eyes set on their high school crushes. When a mysterious company starts manufacturing Promise Rings, Toby buys one. Soon, Loretta and the spies discover the rings aren't what they appear to be and will have you saying 'I Don't.' They have to find a way to reverse the rings and save Toby.
5 "Attack of the Nerds" N/A 105
John is caught bullying the nerds. While he has to sit the mission out in the principal's office, Toby and Melissa have to stop techno-geeks from attacking the people who bullied them in high school.