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The PU-21 (Russian: ПУ-21 Пулемёт с унифицированной подачей) is a 5.45x39mm machine gun designed by V. M. Kalashnikov and M. E. Dragunov between 1972 and 1977. The PU-21 can be fed from either a 45-round magazine or a 200-round belt. The PU-21's sights are graduated to distance of 1000 m.[1][2]

PU-21 / ПУ-21 (Пулемёт с унифицированной подачей)
Russian IP-2 Machine Gun.jpg
TypeLight machine gun
Place of originSoviet Union
Production history
DesignerYu.K. Aleksandrov
M.E. Dragunov
V.M. Kalashnikov
Mass5.7 kg
Length1060 mm (41.73 in)
Barrel length590 mm (23.2 in)

Caliber5.45 mm
Rate of fire750 rpm
Muzzle velocity960 m/s (3150 ft/s)
Effective firing range1000 m (1094 yds)
Feed system20- or 45-round box magazine
200-round belt

The PU-21 prototypes were thoroughly tested by the Soviet Army in Leningrad, but military experts did not see convincing arguments for replacing the RPK and RPK-74 with the PU-21 design. According to the Soviet military, the design was too complex compared to other weapons then in service, and failed to enhance combat effectiveness.

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