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INETCO Systems Limited

INETCO Systems Limited is a software company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It develops business transaction monitoring, customer analytics and data forwarding technology for the banking, payment processing and retail industries. In addition to software, INETCO offers advisory and support services in business transaction management, training, transaction analytics and reporting, and software implementation.

INETCO Systems Limited
Industry Banking, Payment Processing, Retail
Founded 1984
Founder Angus Telfer (Founder & CTO)
Headquarters Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Area served
Key people
Bijan Sanii (President & CEO)
Products INETCO Insight & INETCO Analytics
Services Real-time transaction monitoring software, customer analytics applications and data forwarding tools for omnichannel banking and payments environments, including ATM, POS, mobile banking, Branch Transformation and online banking.



INETCO was founded in 1984 by Angus Telfer, an engineer who worked at several telecom companies, including Bell-Northern Research, and Bell Telephone Laboratories, designing and developing voice recognition software, protocol analysis, network monitoring, telecommunications billing, and quality of service technologies.

Initially, INETCO specialized in communications gateway products for dial-up point of sale and automated teller machine terminals, legacy network protocols to TCP/IP networks, transaction hosts and switches, and third-party electronic funds transfer processors for banking and payment processing.

INETCO’s experience in the banking and payment processing protocol space expanded into the business transaction monitoring space, and the company began developing the INETCO Insight software that offered real-time transaction performance analysis across servers, networks, and applications.[1]

In 2015, INETCO won "Best Data Solution" at the Fintech Innovation Awards[2] for the INETCO Insight solution. In January 2015 the Company also launched the INETCO Analytics self-serve customer analytics solution[3] for Card Operations,[4] Fraud Management,[5] ATM,[6] POS,[7] Digital Banking,[8] Branch[9] and Omnichannel Banking[10] environments. In April 2015, INETCO was chosen to present INETCO Analytics at FinovateSpring 2015.[11]

In April 2016, INETCO customer BECU was recognized by global research and advisory firm, Celent, as a 2016 Model Bank award winner in the Omnichannel Banking category.[12] Selected from a field of over 100 entrants, BECU used INETCO solutions to demonstrate an innovative approach to harnessing and sharing the wide array of data required to successfully ensure their 900,000+ members are able to effectively complete their transactions at the ATM.


INETCO solutions are deployed within banking, payment processing, retail and telecommunications environments in over 50 countries.[13] The INETCO software solutions portfolio consists of INETCO Analytics and INETCO Insight.

INETCO InsightEdit

INETCO Insight[14] is real-time transaction monitoring and Big Data streaming platform that captures and correlates multi-protocol transactions across multiple IT-hops while operating independently of the underlying application or switch being monitored.[15]

INETCO AnalyticsEdit

INETCO Analytics[16] is a self-serve, analytical application built for retail banks and payment processors to better understand how consumers engage with their retail banking and card operations channels, including ATM, POS, Mobile Banking, Online Banking, Card operations and Branch. The application equips operations teams, channel managers and fraud analysts with the visual insights required to better serve existing customers, reduce risk of transaction performance issues and enhance profitability through improved self-service device placement and customer segmentation.

INETCO Analytics gathers data across all banking channels from a variety of sources including real-time transaction data feeds, data-driven applications, and complementary third party sources such as log files, tables and lists. Data is collected then warehoused within a Cloudera Hadoop data store, and extracted leveraging user-friendly Tableau based dashboards to make it easy for various business units to quickly get at answers related to operations performance, fraudulent transactions, channel profitability and the end customer experience. Built-in predictive models and machine learning techniques are used to estimate intelligence such as line queues, cash utilization and customer interaction sequences. Records of every consumer interaction help users build out customer profiles and answer questions such as:

  • Where are potentially fraudulent transactions occurring?
  • When are issues impacting the end customer experience?
  • How are customers and potential acquisition opportunities interacting with each of our banking channels?

INETCO Analytics solution packs are now available for Omnichannel Banking Analysis,[17] Card Analytics,[18] ATM,[19] POS,[20] Digital Banking[21] and Fraud Analysis.[5]

AMQP AdvocacyEdit

In cooperation with major corporations and financial firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Red Hat, and Microsoft, INETCO was involved in developing the OASIS standard for version 1.0 of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP), which was finalized in October 2012.[22]

INETCO CTO Angus Telfer acts as co-chair of the OASIS AMQP Technical Committee. In the OASIS press release announcing the AMQP 1.0 Standard, Telfer said: "AMQP 1.0’s support of the different fundamental message patterns makes it the ideal choice as a transport protocol between multi-vendor applications both within the Cloud and over the Internet. By avoiding proprietary technologies, AMQP can lower the cost of enterprise application integration by encouraging a full ecosystem of compatible message-oriented products."[23]

Telfer also has been an evangelist of AMQP, calling it "the death knell for proprietary messaging systems."[24]

Originally, INETCO was the only APM vendor member of the AMQP Working Group.[25] Currently, a large number of financial services and technology providers have joined.[26]


INETCO’s global reseller partners include NCR Corporation and Fiserv. Regionally focused reseller partners also include Printec, Nathan Claire Group, Bowman Technologies, Stratus Mexico, Optimisa, Stanchion Payments and Hendz.

In October 2012, NCR announced that it would be reselling INETCO Insight through license resale or as a managed service to complement its APTRA Vision ATM management solution, along with consulting services related to the implementation of INETCO Insight.[27]

In May 2016, Fiserv announced that they would be reselling the INETCO Insight and INETCO Analytics monitoring and analytics solutions.[28]


INETCO's primary competitors include Dynatrace, ExtraHop Networks, AppDynamics, CA Wily, Prognosis, ESQ, Saylent, SolarWinds, NetQoS, and New Relic.[29]


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