IMC TV (Turkish: İMC TV) was a Turkish nationwide TV channel launched on 1 May 2011.[1] Presenters included Nuray Mert[2] and Fehim Taştekin [tr].[3] In 2011 it hosted a talk show series called Gamurç // Köprü ("Bridge" in Armenian and Turkish) - the first of its kind in Turkey focussing exclusively on Armenian-Turkish relations.[1]

OwnerKatılım Medya
Launched1 May 2011; 9 years ago (2011-05-01)
Closed4 October 2016; 4 years ago (2016-10-04)
D-SmartChannel 235
Turksat 3A12561 V 25000

In March 2013 IMC hired Michelle Demishevich, Turkey's first transgender TV reporter.[4]

During the 2013 protests in Turkey, a camera man for IMC was attacked with a tear gas cartridge fired directly at him,[5] and IMC's Gökhan Biçici (editor of Emek Dünyası) was beaten and detained.[6][7]

It was shut down under the emergency statutory decree issued in the aftermath of the July 15th failed coup d'état, alongside 11 other television and 11 radio stations, on 4 October 2016 when police raided the television station's headquarters in Istanbul.[8][9][10]


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