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iFixit is a private company in San Luis Obispo, California. Founded in 2003 while the founders were attending Cal Poly, the company sells repair parts and publishes free wiki-like online repair guides for consumer electronics and gadgets on its web site.[4] The company also performs product teardowns of consumer devices.[5]

Founded 2003
Headquarters San Luis Obispo, California
Key people
Kyle Wiens, CEO
Luke Soules, CXO
Alexa rank 2,554 (September 2016)[1]
Users 1,200,000[2]
Content license
Creative Commons BY-NC-SA[3]


Business modelEdit

iFixit has released product teardowns of new Apple products, which provides advertising for the company's parts and equipment sales.[6] These teardowns have been covered by PC World (now defunct),[7] the Mac Observer,[8] NetworkWorld[9] and other publications.[10]

Co-founder Kyle Wiens has said he aims to reduce electronic waste by teaching people to repair their own gear,[11] and by offering tools, parts, and a forum to discuss repairs.[12] In 2011, he traveled through Africa with a documentary team.[13]

iFixit provides a software as a service platform known as Dozuki to allow others to use iFixit's documentation framework to produce their own documentation. O'Reilly Media's Make and Craft magazines use Dozuki to feature community guides alongside instructions originally written by the staff for the print magazine.[14][not in citation given]

In September 2015, Apple removed the iFixit app from the App Store in reaction to the company's publication of a teardown of a developer pre-release version of the Apple TV (4th generation) obtained under Apple's Developer Program violating a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement and as such their developer account was suspended.[9] In response iFixit says it has worked on improving its mobile site for users to access its services through a mobile browser.[citation needed]

On April 3, 2014 iFixit announced a partnership with Fairphone[15]

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