I'm Getting Sentimental Over You

"I'm Getting Sentimental Over You" is a song recorded by Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra. The words were written by Ned Washington and the music was written by George Bassman. It was first performed in 1932. The original copyright is dated 1933 and issued to Lawrence Music Publishers, Inc. The copyright was assigned to Mills Music, Inc. in 1934. Noni Bernardi, a saxophonist with the Dorsey orchestra arranged this song.

Dorsey was the featured trombone soloist when his orchestra played it. It was first recorded in September 1935. A second recording on October 18, 1935 is the exact arrangement that Tommy would henceforth feature. Frank Sinatra sang this song in the Dorsey Orchestra and also featured it in an album, I Remember Tommy, after Tommy Dorsey's death in 1956.

This song was featured in an episode of The Twilight Zone called "Static", and in the films Carnal Knowledge and Bart Got a Room.

The tempo is considered a fox trot or swing.



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