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I'm Dickens, He's Fenster is an American sitcom that ran on ABC during the 1962-63 season and was created and produced by Leonard Stern and filmed at Desilu.

I'm Dickens, He's Fenster
John Astin Marty Ingels I'm Dickens He's Fenster 1962.JPG
John Astin as Dickens and Marty Ingels as Fenster (1962)
GenreSituation comedy
Created byLeonard Stern
StarringJohn Astin
Marty Ingels
Emmaline Henry
Theme music composerIrving Szathmary
Opening theme"The 'I'm Dickens- He's Fenster' March"
Composer(s)Irving Szathmary
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes32
Producer(s)Leonard Stern
Camera setupMulti-camera
Running time22–24 minutes
Production company(s)Heyday Productions
DistributorABC Films
Original networkABC
Picture formatBlack-and-white
Audio formatMonaural
Original releaseSeptember 28, 1962 (1962-09-28) –
May 10, 1963 (1963-05-10)
L-R: Marty Ingels, Emmaline Henry and John Astin in episode "The Carpenters Four" (1963)


The series starred John Astin and Marty Ingels as carpenters Harry Dickens and Arch Fenster. Emmaline Henry appeared as Harry's wife, Kate. Appearing regularly, as fellow members of Dickens and Fenster's construction gang, were Frank DeVol (as Myron Bannister), Dave Ketchum (Mel Warshaw), Henry Beckman (Bob Mulligan), and Noam Pitlik (Bentley). It was sponsored alternately by El Producto cigars and Procter and Gamble.

The program followed the cartoon series The Flintstones and preceded 77 Sunset Strip on Fridays at 9 pm Eastern time, but did not attract a sufficient audience. It ran opposite Sing Along with Mitch starring Mitch Miller on NBC and Route 66 on CBS.

The series was filmed in front of a live audience which, in that era, was unusual for a show not built around an established star such as Lucille Ball or Danny Thomas.

Episode listEdit

Episode # Episode title Original airdate Episode summary
1-1 "A Small Matter of Being Fired" (pilot) (Guest Starring Yvonne Craig) Sept 28, 1962 Using devious methods, Arch helps Harry get the foreman's position on a house-building project.
1-2 "Nurse Dickens" October 5, 1962 Harry and Arch pose as doctors to investigate Kate's activities as a nurse.
1-3 "The Double Life of Mel Warshaw" October 12, 1962 After seeing a Wanted poster, Harry and Arch are convinced that the photo resembles their friend.
1-4 "Harry, the Father Image" October 19, 1962 Harry gives Arch some misplaced marital advice.
1-5 "Part-Time Friend" October 26, 1962 During the course of his sleep in Harry's home, Arch is heard bad-mouthing him.
1-6 "The Acting Game" November 2, 1962 Harry believes that he's been selected to do a television commercial but soon finds out that he has to compete against other carpenters for the job.
1-7 "The Toupee Story" November 9, 1962 Harry and Arch's Bannister is bald and believes his indecision is due to his high forehead, which results in the duo convincing him to purchase a toupee.
1-8 "A Wolf in Friend's Clothing" November 16, 1962 The daughter of Harry's old friend comes to visit, with Harry becoming protective of her because of the possibility of Arch dating the young woman.
1-9 "Party, Party, Who's Got the Party?" November 23, 1962 Arch decides to throw a party, but Harry determines the guest list is too long. The duo then decides to go to another carpenter's party instead.
1-10 "The Yellow Badge of Courage" November 30, 1962 Arch is fired from a construction job because a succession of girl friends visit him at work and distract his fellow employees.
1-11 "The Joke" December 7, 1962 Harry's joke fails to get much response from either Kate or his co-workers.
1-12 "Love Me, Love My Dog" December 14, 1962 After Kate suggests Harry give Arch a dog for companionship, Arch becomes so attached to it that he ignores everyone.
1-13 "Here's To the Three Of Us" December 21, 1962 Harry and Kate try to give a dinner party without Arch finding out about it.
1-14 "Get Off My Back" December 28, 1962 Harry tries to get away from Arch long enough to purchase a gift to celebrate their first meeting a decade earlier.
1-15 "How Not To Succeed In Business" January 4, 1963 Harry and Arch quit their job and set up an independent operation with offices set up in Harry and Kate's living room.
1-16 "The Godfathers" January 11, 1963 Harry and Arch are given the task of not only naming a co-worker's 11th child, but also serving as godfathers.
1-17 "The Carpenters Four" January 18, 1963 Harry promises to produce a movie star for the carpenter's welfare show, but when he fails, Arch tries to help him out. Brief appearance by Jim Nabors.
1-18 "The Great Valenciaga" January 25, 1963 While Mulligan attempts to protect his sister Molly, a singer at a local nightclub, from smooth-talking men, Arch decides to create the alter ego of Valenciaga, a Latin dancer.
1-19 "Mr. Take Over" February 1, 1963 After Harry is taken to a local hospital following a minor accident on the job, Arch's exaggerated concern results in attendants thinking he's the patient.
1-20 "Have Car, Will Quarrel" February 8, 1963 Harry gets Arch and Mulligan to split the cost of a car with him and the three partners end up buying Mel's car.
1-21 "Say It With Pictures" February 15, 1963 Arch and Harry decide to replace the outmoded carpenters' manual with a new one. Harry will be in charge of the text, with Arch handling the photographs.
1-22 "Senior Citizen Charlie" February 22, 1963 Harry, Arch and their co-workers decide to throw a retirement party for a fellow carpenter who's being forcibly retired.
1-23 "The Bet" March 1, 1963 Arch's reputation as a lover is at stake when he and a painter wager on their mutual attempt to woo an attractive art gallery manager.
1-24 "The Syndicate" March 8, 1963 During the demolition of a mansion once owned by a notorious mobster, Harry and Arch discover a hidden strongbox.
1-25 "Is There A Doctor in the House?" March 15, 1963 Arch has a new romantic interest—a nurse named Beverly who's under the mistaken impression that he's a doctor.
1-26 "Harry the Contractor" March 22, 1963 Kate's attempt at getting Harry to do any work around the house fails, which results in her deciding to hire a carpenter. That means that Harry will have to bid on the job.
1-27 "Table Tennis, Anyone?" March 29, 1963 Harry is chosen as the captain of a table tennis team that's been formed by the carpenters to compete in an industrial league.
1-28 "Kick Me Kate" April 5, 1963 Deciding that Kate doesn't love him enough, Harry decides to try to make her jealous.
1-29 "Number One Son" April 12, 1963 Mel believes that he's been a disappointment to his son Ralph, which results in Harry and Arch suggesting that he take the boy on a camping trip.
1-30 "Big Opening at the Hospital" April 26, 1963 Kate is scheduled to sing at a benefit for the hospital, but Harry's afraid that a talent scout will spot her and turn her into a big star.
1-31 "King Archibald, the First" May 3, 1963 Arch falls for a princess who happens to be masquerading as her own maid.
1-32 "Hotel Fenster" May 10, 1963 Arch's bachelor apartment quickly becomes a crowded refuge after his friends all have arguments with their wives.

DVD releaseEdit

On April 10, 2012, Lightyear Entertainment & TV Time Machine Productions released I'm Dickens, He's Fenster- 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition: Volume 1 on DVD in Region 1.[1] The 3-disc set contains the first 16 episodes of the series as well as several bonus features.


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