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The Hyperion Hotel is a fictional home base for Angel in the television series Angel during the middle seasons of the show. The gang move into the Hyperion at the beginning of the second season, following the destruction of their offices in Season One finale, "To Shanshu in L.A.".

Hyperion Hotel
Angel location
Created byJoss Whedon, David Greenwalt
Notable locationsLobby
Notable charactersAngel
Cordelia Chase
Winifred Burkle
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
Charles Gunn



In "Judgment", the first episode of season two, Angel discovers the dilapidated hotel while fleeing demons. Flashbacks in the following episode, "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been", reveal that he had lived there during the 1950s and, attacked by a McCarthyesque mob, abandoned the hotel's residents to a paranoia demon known as a Thesulac. In the present day, Angel frees the lone remaining inhabitant from the persistent demon; with this unfinished business finally closed, he decides to clean up the Hyperion and make it the new home of "Angel Investigations".

In the episode "Carpe Noctem", Angel's business card is clearly visible, showing the address 1481 Hyperion Avenue.

Angel Investigations was based in the hotel until the final episode of season four, "Home", after which they moved into the headquarters of Wolfram & Hart's Los Angeles branch. The hotel was also home for Angel, Lorne, Gunn, Fred & Connor, and occasionally harbored the group's other members and people they helped.

The Hyperion was last mentioned in season five, during the show's final episode, "Not Fade Away", in which Angel and his friends regroup in the alley north of the hotel for one final battle.

In the 9th issue of Angel: After the Fall, Angel and friends move back into the Hyperion hotel and make it their base of operations.

The Hyperion also is used in the final season of Dollhouse, a more recent creation of Joss Whedon's.

Behind the scenesEdit

Angel Production Designer Stuart Blatt described the new base: "An old hotel, something [the writers] could use to evoke the past of Los Angeles and some of Angel's history, something kind of creepy and spooky but not too dark because they didn't want something depressing, it's called the Hyperion Hotel. It's based on many hotels in Los Angeles...Angel lived in a larger suite in the hotel, like a honeymoon suite, the producers wanted Angel to have enough room to relax and get away from it all, do a little pondering, a little brooding, a little research. Every once in a while someone will come up to have a little conversation."[1]

According to the DVD commentary on the season three episode "Billy", the exterior shots of the hotel were taken at the Los Altos Hotel & Apartments, at 4121 Wilshire Blvd (the signage is prominently visible in establishing shots of the hotel), and some interior shots were done in The Ambassador Hotel.[2]

A Hyperion Hotel is mentioned in "The Girl with the Curl", a second season episode of Bones, starring the actor who plays Angel's titular character, David Boreanaz . The Hyperion Hotel is also referenced on Joss Whedon's later show Dollhouse, where the character Victor was assigned a suite at the Hotel after his contract as an 'Active' ended.

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