Hwang Hui

Hwang Hui (8 March 1363 – 28 February 1452) was a politician of the Goryeo dynasty and Joseon Dynasty, who once served as prime minister of the Joseon Dynasty from 1431 to 1449 .

Hwang Hui
Hwang Hui.jpg
Korean name
Revised RomanizationHwang Hui
McCune–ReischauerHwang Hŭi
Pen name
Revised RomanizationBangchon
Courtesy name
Revised RomanizationGubu
Posthumous name
Revised RomanizationIkseong


Hwang Hui was an official of Goryeo Dynasty. He became an official in the Joseon Dynasty in 1394. Hwang Hui was once banished from Seoul because he advocated Yangnyeong, the eldest prince of King Taejong, despite his bad behavior in 1418. After King Sejong the Great's enthronement, Hwang Hui got reappointed and held many ministerial posts. Hwang Hui was appointed as a prime minister in 1431 and served until 1449 . He retired from the government after 18 years.


He distributed grain seeds for improving farming, and ordered each province to plant a lot of mulberry trees to enrich human life. In addition, the publication of ' economic land ' was divided into ' 續 典 ' and ' 集 . ', which allowed the contents to be duplicated, omitted or separated from the content and reality.[1]

Meanwhile, a defense measure was taken to prevent the North's wildling and southern regions by paying attention to defense issues. And in an effort to obtain a wide range of good manners, the etiquette of Goryeo was revised and supplemented, taking into account the reality of the Ming Dynasty and Joseon Dynasty.[1]

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He served as the Yeonguijeong, the highest ranking of 3 appointed royal prime ministers (the others being Uuijeong and Jwaguijeong) for a total of 18 years with a total of 24 years service to the monarchy. He was noted for his political philosophy that stated, “That which is just takes priority and must be enacted.” Priorities during his administration included agricultural improvement, mitigating laws that increased social class gaps, and providing opportunities for candidates born out of wedlock or from concubines to take the civil service examination.[2]

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