Hutchinson Encyclopedia

The Hutchinson Encyclopedia is an English-language general encyclopedia. It is a single volume designed for use in the home, libraries and schools. It attempts to be readable by reducing the use of technical language. A small subset of the Encyclopaedia is available for free but full access requires a subscription.

Hutchinson Encyclopedia
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Cover of the 1964 edition
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Edition historyEdit

  • First edition (as Hutchinson's Twentieth Century Encyclopedia. London: Hutchinson. OCLC 635239916.) 1948
  • Second edition 1951
  • Third edition 1956
  • Fourth edition (as Hutchinson's new 20th Century Encyclopedia) 1964
  • Fifth edition 1970
  • Sixth edition (as The new Hutchinson 20th Century Encyclopedia) 1977
  • Seventh edition 1981
  • Eighth edition (as The Hutchinson Encyclopedia) 1988 - with 25,000 articles and 2,350 illustrations.
  • Ninth edition 1990
  • Tenth edition 1994
  • Eleventh edition 1997

There have also been editions in 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2005

There are several other editions about specific subjects

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