The Hunters Brooke arson was a series of fires that destroyed over two dozen houses in the under-construction Hunters Brooke Development on Maryland Route 225, southeast of Indian Head, Maryland, in the United States, on December 6, 2004. It is considered to be the worst arson event in Maryland state history.

Hunters Brooke Arson
LocationCharles County, Maryland, U.S.
DateDecember 6, 2004
TargetHunters Brooke development
Attack type
PerpetratorsJeremy Parady, Aaron Speed, Patrick Walsh

Initially suspicion fell on environmental extremists, since the development was being constructed in an unusual and sensitive wetland area, a magnolia bog.[1]

However, it was ultimately determined that Patrick Walsh and Aaron Speed, a security guard for the Hunters Brooke Development, recruited three others to set fire to the homes as a hate crime. Three of the arsonists said they were motivated by the fact that the majority of the purchasers were African-Americans.[2][3]

Convicted and sentenced were:

The trial judge also ordered that each defendant pay restitution of $3,274,538.42.[4][5]


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