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Hunter Patrol is game written by Steve Lee for the Commodore 64 published by Mastertronic in 1985.[2] The music was composed by Rob Hubbard. The game is similar in style to the Sega arcade game Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom.

Hunter Patrol
Title screen
Publisher(s) Mastertronic[1]
Designer(s) Steve Lee[2]
Composer(s) Rob Hubbard
Platform(s) Commodore 64
Genre(s) Shooter
Mode(s) Single-player


Taking control of a WW2 airplane, the player attacks enemy installations on the ground whilst avoiding enemy planes and flak. Once a sufficient amount of installations are destroyed, the level's main target appears. When this had been taken care of the player moved on to the next level with the rewards of a score bonus and an extra life.[3]


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