Hunnselva is a river in Norway which runs from the end of Einafjorden through the village of Eina in Vestre Toten municipality in Innlandet county, northwards through Reinsvoll, Raufoss and Hunndalen before it runs into Mjøsa in Gjøvik. In Gjøvik the river splits between the two suburbs of Nordbyen and Sørbyen.

Hunnselva in Gjøvik

Before it was known as the Hunn, the name came from the Anglo-Saxon word (Húð), meaning hunter, which also gave the name of the village of Hunn in Vardal. The village of Hunndalen, south of Gjøvik municipality, is also named after this river.

Hunnselva meets Toten in an area rich in calcium, east of the river, and less rich in calcium on the east. There is more iron on the east side of the river.

Coordinates: 60°47′N 10°42′E / 60.783°N 10.700°E / 60.783; 10.700