Hungarian Ground Forces

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The Hungarian Ground Forces are one of the branches of the Hungarian Defence Forces. It is the army which handles Ground activities and troops including artillery, tanks, APC's, IFV's and ground support. Hungary's Ground forces served in Iraq, and are currently in service in Afghanistan and KFOR.

Hungarian Ground Forces
Magyar Szárazföldi Haderő
War Flag of Hungary.svg
Country Hungary
AllegianceHungarian Defence Forces
BranchGround Forces
Part ofHungarian Defence Forces
Colors    Red, White and Green
Anniversaries29 September
Lieutenant General Dr Gábor Böröndi

Previous Hungarian ground forces have included the Royal Hungarian Landwehr, the Royal Hungarian Army and the ground force components of the Hungarian People's Army. Hungary was supported by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and a member of the Warsaw Pact. Since the Soviet Union's fall in 1991, Hungary reduced numbers of tanks and troops, and closed garrisons. The Hungarian Army now deals with national security, peacekeeping and international conflicts. Hungary joined NATO in 1999.


In 1963, the Ground Forces included the 5th Army of Hungary, formed in 1961, at Székesfehérvár. This formation included the 7th Motor Rifle Division at Kiskunfélegyháza, the 8th Motor Rifle Division at Zalaegerszeg, the 9th Motor Rifle Division at Kaposvár, and the 11th Tank Division at Tata. This Formation also included the 34th Special Reconnaissance Battalion at Székesfehérvár, which was also a sub unit of the 5th Army. The other big combat formation of the Ground Forces were the 3rd Army Corps at Cegléd (with the 4th Motor Rifle Division at Gyöngyös and the 15th Motor Rifle Division at Nyíregyháza).[1]

Michael Holm writes that the 3rd Army Corps at Cegléd, Military Unit Number 6639, (see hu:3. Hadtest, with the 66th Communications Battalion and 3rd Security Battalion both at Cegled, 4th Motor Rifle Division at Gyöngyös and the 15th Motor Rifle Division at Nyíregyháza) was established on 1 November 1966, and was identically organised in 1970 and 1980, but by 1988 was reorganised to consist of four mechanised infantry, one tank brigades, and one artillery brigade and three artillery regiments (AA Missile; Anti-Aircraft Artillery; and Anti-Tank Artillery), plus other smaller units.[2]

With the fall of the Warsaw Pact both 5th Army and the 3rd Mechanised Corps were disbanded in 1991.


As of 2020, the main combat formations of the HDF Land Command are:

Military equipmentEdit

Infantry equipmentEdit

Hungarian special forces soldiers (KMZ) disembark from a Chinook in Croatia
A Leopard 2a4HU
  • RS4/4 parachute
  • RS4/4 LA parachute
  • MANTA parachute
  • 93M frag grenade
  • 96M frag grenade
  • Black Ka'bar bayonet
  • AN/PVS-14 Gen3 Monocular Night Vision
  • HALEM-2 laser rangefinder
  • 15/80 binocular
  • PSZNR-5 recce locator
  • FMG 68 decontamination vehicle
  • SSM-1 chemical marker
  • IH-95 radiation level and contamination meter
  • CAM radiation level and contamination meter
  • VFK chemical recce pack
  • DS-10 regiment decontamination pack
  • TMF-2 automatic weather station
  • 2015M protecting suit
  • DECOCOM 3000 decontamination container
  • regiment decontamination trailer
The first Gidran 4x4 MRAPS arrived on February 11, 2021

Infantry weaponsEdit

Handguns and submachine guns
Model Image Origin Type Details
CZ SCORPION EVO 3     Czech Republic
Submachine gun New standard submachine guns. Assembled in Hungary.[12][13]
Heckler & Koch MP5 A3     Germany Submachine gun Used by Special Forces
CZ P-09

CZ P-07

    Czech Republic
Semi-automatic pistol Assembled in Hungary.[12][13]
P9RC     Hungary Handgun Service Handgun, replacing PA-63.
Glock 17     Austria Semi-automatic pistol Used by Special Forces
Remington 870 Marine     United States Pump action shotgun
Assault rifles, rifles and carbines
CZ Bren 2     Czech Republic
Assault rifle Assembled in Hungary. Intended to replace the AK-63.[12][13]
AK-63   Hungary Assault rifle Main service rifle of the Hungarian Ground Forces and is the modernized variant of the AKM rifle. 7700 rifles have been modernized, more to follow. Versions: AK-63D/E/MF
M4A1     United States Assault rifle Used by Special Forces
Steyr-Mannlicher M1895     Austria-Hungary Rifle Ceremonial rifle.
SKS     Soviet Union Semi-automatic carbine Ceremonial rifle.
Machine guns
M249 SAW     United States Light machine gun Used by Special Forces
PKM     Soviet Union General-purpose machine gun
M2 Browning     United States Heavy machine gun
Sniper rifles
Szép sniper rifle     Hungary Sniper rifle [14]
M24 SWS     United States Sniper rifle Used by Special Forces
Dragunov SVD     Soviet Union Sniper rifle Will be replaced by Szép sniper rifle
Gepárd     Hungary Anti-materiel rifle
M110     United States Semi-automatic sniper system
TPG-3     Germany Modular multi caliber sniper Used by Special Forces[15]
Anti tank weapons
Carl Gustaf M4     Sweden Recoilless rifle Deliveries will take place between 2019-2024.[16][17] 100 in service as of 2020. [18]
9К115-2 Metis-M     Russia Anti-tank missile Unknown number delivered by Russia between 1996-1997.[19]
9M113 Konkurs     Soviet Union Anti-tank missile [20]
9K111 Fagot     Soviet Union Anti-tank missile [20]
RPG-7     Soviet Union Rocket-propelled grenade [21]
Grenades and grenade launchers
H&K M320     Germany Grenade launcher Used by Special Forces
EXPAL M-08 Combi     Spain 60 mm mortar 96 in service.[22]
82-BM-37     Soviet Union 82 mm mortar About 50 in service.[23][24]


Model Image Origin Type Variant Active Number Details
Main battle tanks
Leopard 2     Germany Main battle tank Leopard 2A7+
Leopard 2A4
0 (44 on order)
44 Leopard 2A7+ and 12 Leopard 2A4 tanks on order.[26][27]
T-72     Soviet Union
Main battle tank T-72M1 34[28] ~ 130 tanks in reserve.[28] Will be replaced by the Leopard 2A7+ in the 2020s.[27]
Armoured fighting vehicles
Lynx     Germany
Infantry fighting vehicle KF41 0 (218 on order) On August 16, 2020 the Government of Hungary and Rheinmetall Group have signed a contract to start manufacturing the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle family in Hungary. Estimated to start arriving around 2024-2025, the first batch of 200+ Lynx vehicles are expected to reach operational capability in the Hungarian Defence Forces by 2026-2027. Government of Hungary and Rheinmetall Group have signed a contract to establish a joint venture to start manufacturing the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle in Hungary. The deal is estimated to worth over 2B euros including technology transfers and it confirms the Hungarian Defence Forces has chosen the Lynx KF41 as the next-gen tracked IFV for its armed forces.[29]

On September 9, the Hungarian Defence Forces officially ordered 218 Lynx Kf41 vehicles, out of which 172 will be manufactured in Hungary.[30]

BTR-80     Soviet Union
Amphibious armoured personnel carrier BTR-80A




555 units received from Russia between 1996-1999.[19] Modernized Hungarian-upgraded BTR-80s for technical rescue, medical rescue and NBC missions.
BRDM-2     Soviet Union Combat reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2
Equipped with 9M111 and 9M113 Konkurs anit-tank missiles,[33][34] others (VSBRDM-2M) are modified and upgraded for NBC missions.[35][31]
Gidrán 4x4     Turkey
  Hungary  Germany
MRAP 10 (40 on order)[36] First 10 vehicles are from Turkey, the rest of the order will be based on a Nurol Holding licence and it is planned to be manufactured and developed in Hungary in collaboration with Rheinmetall.[37] Around 300 planned.[36]
M-ATV     United States MRAP 20+ Used by the Hungarian special forces in Afghanistan.[38]
Cougar     United States MRAP 13 Used by the Hungarian special forces in Afghanistan.[39][40]
Maxxpro     United States MRAP ~42[20] Bought second-hand.[41][42]
M1151 HMMWV     United States Utility vehicle 80+ Most of them used by the Hungarian special forces.[43]
Polaris RZR     United States Light utility vehicle 12 Used by the Hungarian special forces.[44][45]
PzH 2000     Germany Self-propelled artillery 0 24 on order.[46]
D-20     Soviet Union Howitzer 12[20] 283 in reserve.[47]
Surface-to-air-missile systems
NASAMS     United States Self-propelled SAM system Unknown Kongsberg Defence Systems and Raytheon were awarded a 410 million euro contract to deliver the NASAMS system to the Hungarian Defence forces.[48]
2K12 Kub     Soviet Union
Self-propelled SAM system 16[20] Modernized in collaboration with Poland.[49]
Mistral     France Surface-to-air missile 185[50] Mistral 3 + Safran Matis[20][51]
Military engineering vehicles
PTS     Soviet Union Amphibious vehicle PTS-2 50+ Some in reserve. Very large tracked amphibious vehicle used for crossing water bodies and building bridges across rivers
PMP     Soviet Union Pontoon bridge 3 3 active set. Each set consists of 32 river element, 4 bank element, 2 track element, 12 bridging boat and 38 KraZ-255. The maximal length of one set is 227 metres.[52]
WISENT 2     Germany Armoured support vehicle 0 5 on order.[53]
Leguan     Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 0 3 on order. The new Leguans are going to replace the BLG-60M armoured bridgelayers which will be transferred to the 37th Engineer Regiment.[53]

Büffel (BPz 3)

    Germany Armoured recovery vehicle 0 9 vehicles were ordered in September 2020 as part of the establishment of the joint Lynx (Rheinmetall armoured fighting vehicle) manufacturing plant in Hungary. Deliveries are scheduled for 2023.
MT-55A     Czechoslovakia Armoured vehicle-launched bridge 2 [54]
BLG-60M     East Germany Armoured vehicle-launched bridge BLG-60M2
TMM     Soviet Union Vehicle-launched bridge TMM-3 4 [55] [56]
VT-55     Soviet Union Armoured recovery vehicle VT-55 2
VT-72B     Czechoslovakia Armoured recovery vehicle 2 [57]
BAT-2     Soviet Union Armoured tracklayer BAT-2 2 [58]
TeleMAX Germany Remote-control Military robot 3 [59]
Utility vehicles, trucks
Model Image Origin Type Variant Active Number Details
Rába     Hungary Truck H14
The new H-14 series, can be armoured within 48 hours. The armour defends soldiers from bullets, splinters and IEDs.[60]

Production of Rába H-14, H-18, and H-25 trucks commenced in 2004, these initially locally designed chassis fitted with MAN engines, associated components including cooling system and the MAN modular military cab. Current production is CKD using some locally sourced components such as axles. About 300 examples were built using components supplied between 2004-2006, with a further 150 assembled from CKD kits delivered from 2007.

RMMV HX range of tactical trucks     Germany Truck HX77 63 Will also receive up to 150 RMMV HX77 8x8 trucks, with 63 delivered since 2007.
Mercedes-Benz Unimog     Germany Truck 88
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter   Germany Van Van
Mercedes-Benz G-Class   Germany Utility vehicle G-270
Standard utility vehicle
Ikarus   Hungary Bus E95
100 Currus-Volvo Aries delivered to replace Ikarus 250, 256, 280
Suzuki Vitara   Hungary SUV 550[63] Standard staff car
Skoda Octavia   Czech Republic Sedan Unknown Used by Military Police
Toyota Hilux     Japan Pickup 90[64] 16 used by Military Police,[65] and another 6 will be used by the Military Cartography teams.[66]
Volkswagen Transporter   Germany Van T6 Van
T6 Pickup truck
Volkswagen Crafter   Germany Pickup truck 70

River fleetEdit

Model Image Origin Type Active Number Details
Neštin-class     Yugoslavia Minesweeper 3 6 minesweepers were received from Yugoslavia in 1981. As of 2020, 3 of them are in active service and the other 3 were sold.[67]
AN 2     Hungary Minesweeper 5 40 minesweepers were built between 1953 and 1956. As of 2020, 5 of them are in active service, 1 in reserve and the rest were sold.[67] [68][69][70]

Ranks and insigniaEdit

See alsoEdit


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