Hungama 2 is a 2021 Indian Hindi-language romantic comedy film directed by Priyadarshan and jointly produced by Ratan Jain, Ganesh Jain, Chetan Jain and Armaan Ventures. It is the spiritual sequel of Priyadarshan's own 2003 film Hungama. It is loosely based on Priyadarshan's own 1994 Malayalam film Minnaram with a comedy sequence borrowed from his other Malayalam movie Vandanam.[2] The film stars Paresh Rawal, Shilpa Shetty, Meezaan Jafri and Pranitha Subhash.[3] Hungama 2 marks the two comebacks of Priyadarshan and Shilpa Shetty to Bollywood after eight years and fourteen years respectively.[4]

Hungama 2
Hungama 2 poster.jpg
Official release poster
Directed byPriyadarshan
Written byDialogues:
Anukalp Goswami
Manisha Korde
Screenplay byYunus Sajawal
Story byPriyadarshan
Based onMinnaram (1994)
by Priyadarshan
Produced byRatan Jain
Ganesh Jain
Chetan Jain
Armaan Ventures
StarringParesh Rawal
Shilpa Shetty
Meezaan Jafri
Pranitha Subhash
CinematographyN. K. Ekambaram
Edited byM.S. Aiyyappan Nair
Music byScore:
Ronnie Raphael
Anu Malik
Distributed byDisney+ Hotstar
Release date
  • 23 July 2021 (2021-07-23)[1]
Running time
156 minutes

Hungama 2 premiered on 23 July 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar.[1] The film received negative reviews from critics who criticized its writing, direction and performances although Rajpal's performance was well received.


Retired Jailor Govind Kapoor's family includes his son Akash and Aman, his elder brother. He also has four mischievous grandchildren. The twist in the story happens when Vani, Akash's college girlfriend comes to their home with a child named Gehna and claims that the child's father is Akash. Akash tells that it is not his child. Akash is betrothed to Bajaj's daughter who is a friend of Jailor Govind.

Akash takes the help of Anjali Tiwari, his co-worker to help him to hide things about the child to not let anyone know about it. But Anjali's husband Radhe Shyam Tiwari is a suspicious minded man. He thinks that she is having an affair with some other man and finds Akash's red socks in the camera which he secretly kept in his house. Tiwari starts trying to find someone with the same red socks and finds Akash. He now thinks that Akash is lover of his wife and Gehna is their child. Thus, the confusion begins.

In the flashback it is shown that Vani and Akash loved each other and the former left the latter suddenly without notice. They perform a DNA test and results show that the Y Chromosome match is a positive and Aakash is indeed the father. Akash, now desperate tries to get his nieces and nephews to prank Vani so she will leave. One of their pranks ends up with Gehna's hand with second degree burns. Vani sees Jailor Kapoor about to use a ruler to slap his grandchildren's butts so she takes the blame for it and end up getting slapped. The kids feel bad and give a ruler to Vani instead to slap their hands. Vani doesn't and becomes their nanny and friend.

Akash tries to now get Vani away from the engagement ceremony without knowing that Bajaj invited her, assuming she was the new teacher of the grandchildren. Akash ends up late, with the excuse that he went to his job to act like he was being guard of the building. While Akash is changing in Anjali's car, Tiwari sees him taking off his clothes (not knowing Akash was changing) and sees the car shaking assuming that his wife is having sex with Akash. Akash and Anjali come to the engagement ceremony but Anjali spots Vani chatting with some of her old friends that she runs into at the temple. Akash wastes no time and quickly gets engaged while Vani gets a call from the cook saying that Gehna fell from the third floor when really Gehna fell from the bed which was on the third floor.

Tiwari confronts Anjali and Akash without stating he knows about their "Apparent Affair" but Akash and Anjali think that he knows about Vani so they shrug it off. Appalled by their behavior, he tries to kill Akash. Akash tires to hire his and Vaani's old cafeteria manager (who is an excellent forger) to act as her husband and the same day that Tiwari decides to murder Akash is the same day that the cafeteria manager is to act as Vaani's husband. The cafeteria manager comes in and Vani asks him what is his child's name. Tiwari hits the manager's bag which contains the documents for his and Vani's forged marriage documents with a gun. In the climax, Aakash gets drunk and try to force himself on Vani to tell the truth. To prevent this, Vani tells the truth and also tells that Gehna is not her's nor Akash's but is her deceased sister and Akash's elder brother Aman's child. Vani later leaves the house with Gehna, when she learns that Aakash wants to marry her and make Gehna his daughter. Akash and family later decide that Vani and Aakash should marry each other and help him to search for Vani. Vani is later found to be getting married. The dejected Aakash confronts her, She hands over Gehna to Aman. The director yells cut and everyone later learns that the marriage ceremony was part of a movie. Everyone later reconsile and Aakash and Vani get married.



The film marks Priyadarshan's return to Bollywood after an eight-year hiatus since Rangrezz (2013). It is not a sequel to Hungama (2003), with Priyadarshan saying, "We decided to title the new comedy Hungama 2 because the mood of masti, mischief and hungama remain unchanged."[5] It also marks the comeback of Shilpa Shetty for the first time in 14 years since Apne.[6]

The principal photography commenced on 8 January 2020 in Mumbai.[7] The film was initially scheduled for a theatrical release in India on 14 August 2020.[8] However, production was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic in India. Priyadarshan has indicated the filming is scheduled to resume in mid-September 2020.[9] The film was wrapped up on 1 February 2021.[10][11]


The music of film was composed by Anu Malik while lyrics written by Sameer Anjaan and Rani Malik (noted).

The first song Chura Ke Dil Mera 2.0 is a remake of the song of the same name from the 1994 film Main Khiladi Tu Anari.[12]

Track listing
1."Chura Ke Dil Mera 2.0" (Lyrics by Rani Malik)Benny Dayal, Anmol Malik4:45
2."Chinta Na Kar"Nakash Aziz, Neeti Mohan3:38
3."Hungama Ho Gaya"Mika Singh, Anmol Malik4:25
4."Pehli Baar"Benny Dayal4:15
5."Aao Chalen Hum"Antara Mitra, Nakash Aziz3:50


Hungama 2 premiered on 23 July 2021 on Disney+ Hotstar.[1]


Saibal Chatterjee of NDTV gave the film 1 star and stated, "Priyadarshan was once feted for the controlled lunacy of his comedies. Here, the lunacy is intact. Control is conspicuous by its absence."[13] Shubhra Gupta of The Indian Express gave the film 1.5 out of 5 stars and stated, "Only a few people keep you from fleeing this loud and obvious fare – a svelte Shilpa Shetty, Ashutosh Rana playing a curmudgeon, and Priyadarshan staple Paresh Rawal."[14] Samrudhi Ghosh of Hindustan Times gave the film a negative review and stated, "Priyadarshan's chaotic comedy-of-errors is distressingly dated."[15] Narendra Saini of NDTV India gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and stated, "[Priyadarshan] has a style of comedy, in which there is a lot of confusion and it is accompanied by a long army of stars. That's how he tries to laugh. But this time he misses out completely and tries to make the audience laugh through the old formula."[16] Sudhanshu Maheshwari of Aaj Tak gave the film 2 out of 5 stars and stated, "In such a situation, there was some buzz about Hungama 2, but in the absence of comedy, it remained just a noisy film, which would not harm anyone in."[17]


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