Huizum is a residential area of the municipality of Leeuwarden in the province of Friesland, Netherlands. It has approximately 9,000 inhabitants. Huizum was formerly part of Leeuwarderadeel and incorporates a former village.

Coat of arms of Huizum


Huizum has three sections: Huizum-West, Huizum-Oost and Huizum-Dorp (Huizum West, Huizum East and Huizum Village). Huizum-Dorp is a former village; Huizum village church [nl], whose oldest section dates to the 12th century, was declared a Rijksmonument in 1967.[1] Huizum-West was developed in the early 20th century. The Hollanderwijk [nl] section, built in 1914–1915, was designed by Willem Cornelis de Groot and in 2007 was declared a protected national monument in the category of villages and towns.[2][3]

Village church


Huizum-Dorp was built on a terp, indicating that it was inhabited before the creation of dykes around 1000 CE. The first written record of the settlement is in a letter dated 1149 from Wibald, Abbot of Corvey to the Bishop of Utrecht. In addition to Huizum, which means "by the houses", a reference to stinsen or residences of the nobility once located there, it has in the past been known as Husma, Hwsmanghae and Husum.[4]

Huizum was formerly the administrative centre of Leeuwarderadeel. On 1 January 1944, during the Nazi German occupation, the southern section of Leeuwarderadeel was transferred to Leeuwarden; the town hall remained in Huizum until 1965.[5]

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