Hugh, Count of Burgundy

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Hugh of Chalon (French: Hugues; 1220–1266) was count of Burgundy by his marriage to Adelaide, Countess of Burgundy, on 1 November 1236, when he was aged 16. He was the son of John, Count of Chalon, and his first wife, Mahat, daughter of Hugh III, Duke of Burgundy.

Hugh III of Châlon
Count of Burgundy, jure uxoris
Seal of Hugh III of Burgundy
Died1266 (aged 45–46)
Noble familyHouse of Ivrea
Spouse(s)Adelaide I of Burgundy
IssueOtto IV, Count of Burgundy
Reginald of Burgundy
FatherJohn, Count of Chalon
MotherMahaud of Burgundy

Hugh and Adelaide had the following children:

Hugh III's wife remarried to Philip I, Count of Savoy a year after his death and she was succeeded as count by Otto, one of her children by Hugh.

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