Hugbert of Bavaria

Hugbert (also Hukbert) of the Agilolfings was duke of Bavaria from 725 to 736. He was son of the duke Theudebert and Regintrud, the probable daughter of the Seneschal (and Pfalzgraf) Hugobert and Irmina of Oeren.

The early death of his father led to disagreement over his successor. Charles Martel tried to make use of the situation in order to gain more control over the independent duchy. Hugbert saw himself forced to give up parts of his duchy, and for a time, Bavarian laws were pronounced in the name of the Merovingian king Theuderic IV.

Hugbert started the implementation of his predecessor's plan to create an independent Bavarian church. He did this by having Boniface Christianize the country and by recalling the bishop Korbinian from Freising.

Preceded by Duke of Bavaria
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