Hubal is a Polish epic war film directed by Bohdan Poręba [pl]. It was released in 1973.[1]

Directed byBohdan Poręba [pl]
StarringRyszard Filipski
CinematographyTadeusz Wieżan
Music byWojciech Kilar
Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych (Łódź)
Release date
  • 3 September 1973 (1973-09-03)
Running time
126 minutes

History Edit

According to the director's recollections, at the beginning of the 1970s, he was summoned to the Ministry of Culture, where he was presented with a ready-made script by Jan Józef Szczepański, at the same time offering to make a film. Bohdan Poręba accepted the offer, but he forced the removal of a few scenes (the commander's romance with a peasant woman and the execution of German prisoners of war). The finished film did not avoid censorship problems – the intention was to cut out a scene from the morning mass on Christmas, during which the hymn Boże, coś Polskę is chanted. The director avoided it thanks to the opinion of the Minister of National Defense, General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who succinctly praised the film after an improvised screening.[2] The film has no scriptwriter in the lead, because Jan Józef Szczepański withdrew after the changes introduced by the director.[3]

Plot Edit

Legendary Hubal – major Henryk Dobrzański, in spite of Nazi occupation in 1939 does not surrender and still fights with the enemy with a group of his faithful soldiers.

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References Edit

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